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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Qualified Representation for Drug Crimes

July 03, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Qualified Representation for Drug Crimes

Four New Jersey men were recently charged with drug possession and paraphernalia possession as a result of being in the area of unrelated police activity. While directing traffic on the Garden State Parkway at the site of a search for an escaped inmate, police officers noticed the smell of marijuana coming from a passing vehicle. A search of the vehicle produced marijuana, ecstasy, and paraphernalia. Three of the men were given summons and the fourth was remanded to Ocean City Jail.

According to a recent Tribune News Service article, New Jersey is going against the national trend and arresting more people for simple marijuana possession from year to year. From 2012 to 2013, marijuana arrests increased ten percent alone. In 2013, arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana hit a 20 year high with more than 24,000 arrests. Outside of New Jersey however, the country is experiencing a general decline in marijuana related arrests, partially due to the decriminalization and legalization of the drug in numerous states.

Being accused of a drug crime in New Jersey can be a scary experience. Your personal relationships, living, and employment situations can all be negatively impacted. You need a skilled lawyer with extensive experience representing drug related crimes to protect your personal rights throughout the entire process.

Camden Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Protects Your Rights in Drug-Related Cases

When facing a drug-related crime in New Jersey, capable legal representation is the key to achieving the best resolution to your case with the minimum penalties. Camden criminal lawyer, Michele Finizio, has extensive experience representing clients facing drug crimes in New Jersey. She will ensure your rights are protected when accused of drug possession or distribution.

Marijuana arrests for citizens with no other criminal history can have devastating and lasting consequences on their lives. Defending oneself through this process requires skilled representation. If you are facing a drug charge in Camden County, Burlington County, or anywhere throughout New Jersey, call our Moorestown, New Jersey offices at 856-888-9059 for a free consultation, or contact us online to get started.

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