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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Wrongful Arrest Leads to Large Settlement

August 28, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Wrongful Arrest of Philly Man Leads to Large Settlement

A 38 year-old Philadelphia man recently was awarded a settlement of over one million dollars after it was decided he was wrongfully charged in the death of a police officer in a car crash.  The man was charged in 2012 with vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter.  Charges were eventually dropped by a judge in 2014 due to a shortage in evidence.  Following the dropped charges, he sued the three homicide investigators who had examined the scene.  His argument, which was confirmed by a jury, stated that a fallacious investigation had been launched against him in order to detract blame from the deceased officer over the accident.

A jury decided that the three investigators of the accident were liable for malicious prosecution. Two of these investigators were additionally liable for false arrest.  The plaintiff’s case agreed with the fact that he had struck and killed the police officer with his car in July of 2012, however it was argued that investigators wanted to quickly implicate him as doing so intentionally when evidence proved otherwise.

The plaintiff in this case was awarded a sum of $1,030,250 for his wrongful arrest.  The sum was split up into portions and went towards economic losses, emotional and mental losses, harm towards his reputation, and legal expenses.  Because of the initial charges, the plaintiff—a former bank teller—had struggled to find work.  Although he was acquitted, searches on his name had still brought up old articles describing the 2012 arrest and subsequent charges tarnishing his reputation.

Following the recent verdict, the plaintiff states that he can finally begin to move forward with his life now that the case has been settled.

Camden Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Fights to Get Compensation for Individuals Who Are Wrongfully Arrested of Crimes

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