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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Wrongfully Convicted Man Released from Prison

July 31, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Wrongfully Convicted Man Released from Prison

After spending eight years in prison, a man who was wrongfully convicted of a quadruple homicide as a teenager is finally going home. The man, now aged 23, was convicted in 2008 after giving a false confession during a questioning session with police. It is important to note that the young man is a mentally handicapped individual and that the questioning sessions that produced the confession did not include an attorney or the young man’s parents. It was also not recorded initially, so police produced a video of the young man’s second confession, which included details about the crime that were not present in his first confession. These details were allegedly fed to him by the officers. Later, the true culprit confessed to the crime but despite this, the innocent man remained in prison. After an independent investigation in 2015, he is out of prison.

As an American citizen, you have the right to representation by a criminal defense lawyer whose job is to ensure that you receive due process, the fair treatment of an individual in all aspects of the judicial system.

How Does Law Enforcement Obtain False Confessions?

It is illogical to confess to a crime you did not commit. But this happens regularly during police interrogations. Why? Because of stress, ignorance of the law and the charge, intimidation, and fear. In many cases, individuals who give false confessions do so under the assumption that “cooperating” with the police will result in a less severe sentence.

There are many ways police try to coax individuals into confessing to crimes, such as adamantly stating that the individual is guilty, lying to him or her about the amount of information they have about the case, and preying upon the individual’s weaknesses such as his or her age or experience with questioning.

Know How to Speak to Police

Do not speak to a police officer without first retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You have the right to remain silent during police questioning. If you are stopped on the street or the police come to your home to ask you about a crime that is currently under investigation, do not allow the police to enter your car or home without a search warrant. Be calm and polite with the officer, but do not engage him or her. If the officer asks for your consent to search your home or vehicle, do not grant it.

Behaving in a defensive or aggressive manner will only hurt you. No matter how you feel, keep your composure at all times and if you are repeatedly asked to speak, repeat that you have the right to silence and the right to a lawyer and that you will not speak to the police without one.

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Fight Your NJ Criminal Charge with Help from The Law Offices of Michele Finizio

In many cases, working with a competent criminal defense lawyer makes the difference between being convicted of your charge or not. If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, contact Camden criminal defense lawyer, Michele Finizio, as soon as possible. Complete our online form or call the Law Offices of Michele Finizio today at 856-888-9059 to schedule your legal consultation with Ms. Finizio in our Moorestown offices. We serve clients in Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, and Burlington County.

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