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Camden DUI Lawyer Discusses How Drunk Driving Conviction Can Affect Your Job

August 21, 2017

Camden DUI Lawyer Discusses How a Drunk Driving Conviction Can Affect Your Job

In addition to fines and jail time, there are often hidden, yet serious, consequences for individuals convicted of drunk driving offenses.  Unforeseen difficulties related to employment frequently result from driving issues, mandatory company policies and missed work.

If you are convicted of a DUI or DWI offense, your driver’s license most likely will be suspended or even revoked.  You will need an experienced drunk driving attorney to ensure that you receive an exemption to allow you to drive to/from work and during your workday if driving is a requirement of your employment.  Your automobile insurance may also be revoked due to your DUI or DWI conviction. For commercial drivers, the loss of a CDL license often results in the loss of a driving career.  Even more importantly, your employers’ insurance company may impose higher premiums, or refuse to issue an insurance policy, because of your conviction.

Many companies have policies that result in serious consequences for employees convicted of a drunk driving offense, as well as mandatory firing rules when an individual is convicted of a crime.  Other occupations require professional licenses including doctors, lawyers, nurses and plumbers. If you lose your professional license because of your drunk driving conviction, your job will be in jeopardy.  Most companies also require that you fill out a job application to obtain a position.  Many job applications include questions related to convictions.  It may be more difficult to obtain future employment if you are convicted of a drunk driving-related offense.

Defending yourself against a charge of DUI or DWI most likely will require that you miss work to attend court hearings. Some diversion programs require that you obtain mandatory alcohol treatment, which may also result in lost work time. If you are sentenced to jail time, an extended period of missed work may also result in the termination of your employment.

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