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Camden Traffic Lawyer: Cars Ticketed at Higher Rate

September 04, 2017

Camden Traffic Lawyer: Some Cars Are Ticketed at Higher Rates

It may seem to some drivers that they are always the one to be targeted for traffic violations, or that they often receive parking tickets far more often than other people they know. While it may have previously seemed like an old wives’ tale that red cars get pulled over the most, there may be some evidence to support this line of logic. Recently, released statistics that showed which cars received tickets the most.

Statistics show that color, unlike the widely accepted saying, has little to do with who gets the most tickets. Instead, it comes down to the specific make and model of the vehicle. The study showed that those driving a Lexus ES 300 were 33% likely to receive a ticket, with the Nissan 35OZ receiving the same statistic. The Dodge Charger SE and SXT came in third place at 32%. The Subaru WRX, last year’s first place in most likely to be ticketed, has dropped down to 12th place, potentially giving some relief to owners of the make and model. Moreover, driving a Buick Encore or a Lexus IS 350 are on the other end of the spectrum, with only a three percent chance of being ticketed. The Acura ILX and Cadillac ATS are close behind with only a six percent chance for the same type of traffic violation.

While owning one of the lower risk vehicles may not exonerate you from traffic violations, it will lower the odds of your vehicle becoming a “ticket magnet.” The statistics do not include information regarding demographics or vehicle color but have shown a link between the personal bias of a ticketer and the vehicle in which they choose to write a violation.

Camden Traffic Lawyer Michele Finizio Understands the Factors that Change the Outcome of a Traffic Law Violation in New Jersey

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