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Criminal Law Attorney Warns That Playing Knockout Game in New Jersey May Result in Mandatory Jail Time

Criminal Law Attorney Warns That Playing the “Knockout Game” in New Jersey May Result in Mandatory Jail Time

New Jersey legislators have drafted a new law addressing the increase in the number of sudden, unprovoked attacks in the Garden State. Sometimes referred to as the “Knockout Game”, this type of attack occurs when a pedestrian is struck from behind, often punched in the head, by an unknown assailant, for no apparent reason. These types of attacks often result in serious bodily injuries including loss of consciousness, stroke, and even death.

Also referred to as “jumping” or “sucker punching,” this type of assault has resulted in several high profile cases in New Jersey, including the recent death of a Hoboken homeless man. Although violence of this nature has been occurring for years, the increased use of social media has highlighted the callous and random nature of these attacks.  Authorities are at a loss as to how to prevent these types of attacks, and therefore trying to deter potential attackers with more severe punishments.

In response to the increased number of these incidents, a proposed New Jersey law would mandate a minimum jail sentence of one year for any individual convicted of this type of assault. If this law is passed, the minimum one-year jail sentence would be applicable to even first time offenders with no prior criminal records. The courts or jury reviewing the case will most likely determine whether the incident is simply a fight or a “Knockout Game” assault, which could potentially affect sentencing. It remains unclear whether the New Jersey legislature will vote to pass the new law during this session. We will continue to monitor and keep you updated on this proposed legislation.

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