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DUI Charges Affect Personal Records: Criminal Lawyer Discusses Bill Drafted for New Jersey Patrol Officers to Wear Body Recording Devices

DUI Charges Affect Personal Records: Criminal Lawyer Discusses Bill Drafted for New Jersey Patrol Officers to Wear On-Body Recording Devices

The power of video evidence is undeniable as it leaves no room for uncertainty about what really happened in a situation. Most disputes in our lives have relied on “he said, she said” evidence, but New Jersey senator Donald Norcross is writing a bill that would bring concrete evidence to all police-civilian interactions. The proposed law would outfit all police officers with body cameras that can record video and audio when activated. Recent incidents like the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri highlight the importance of having a clear representation of the facts. The bill is still in the drafting stage and Senator Norcross plans to introduce it in the very near future.

The state senator announced the proposed legislation during a press conference outside the Cherry Hill Police Department with Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-4, of Washington Township), one day after Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill sponsored by Moriarty requiring all municipal patrol cars be equipped with cameras. Assemblyman Moriarty of Washington Township had a first-hand experience where this technology saved him from a criminal record. In 2012 Moriarty was pulled over by a Washington Township police officer and arrested for driving while intoxicated. The DWI arrest was dismissed after dash-cam video evidence showed the arresting officer falsified his report and no conduct related to a DWI charge occurred. One of the main intentions of both bills is to keep both police and civilians honest.

False accusations can be a life-changing situation in our society as it will most likely affect your reputation, career, and financial stability. Outside of New Jersey, there are departments across the country using this new technology to keep both the police and public honest in their handlings. This will make officers accountable any time they use handcuffs or fire their guns. Rallies in Camden County have shown support for technology that could prevent another incident like the case in Ferguson, Missouri. Evesham Township has already unveiled their own body camera system, but legislation must drive the change for it to be adopted statewide.

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