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Haddonfield Criminal Lawyer: Fairmount Park Couple Killed in Crime of Passion

Haddonfield Criminal Lawyer: Fairmount Park Couple Killed in “Crime of Passion”

Two people were shot and killed in Fairmount Park in November in what is being called a “crime of passion” by police. The two people who were found dead at the scene, a man and a woman who were in a relationship, were also both in separate relationships with other people. The male and female victims, 25 and 32 years old respectively, were in the back of a white Toyota SUV in Fairmount Park at the time of the shooting. The shooter is alleged to have opened the rear door of the vehicle while the two were engaged in sexual activity and shot the couple at point blank range nine times in the head.

A captain of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit said that the other relationships of the victims were the focus of the department’s investigation. The police went on to say that whoever the shooter was, it was clear that they knew that the couple was in the park at that time. It unknown at the time what direction the shooter fled in after the fatal crime had been committed.

A crime of passion occurs when a perpetrator commits a crime against someone they know. These types of offenses are typically triggered by jealousy. Crimes of passion typically are not pre-meditated and are usually based on an emotional, impulsive reaction by the offender.

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