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Haddonfield Traffic Court Lawyer: Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License

January 03, 2017

Haddonfield Traffic Court Lawyer: Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License

Some drivers might think it is a minor thing to drive once or occasionally with a suspended or revoked license; however, it is a serious offense that can result in fines and jail time for repeat offenders.  Suspension of a driver license is usually temporary until the driver resolves the situation that caused the problem, while a revoked license is a permanent removal of an individual’s driving privilege.

A person who has their license revoked is required to wait a specific period of time before applying for a new license. Reinstatement of driving privileges for a suspended or revoked license is not automatic. A driver’s license cannot be reinstated until the driver fulfills requirements for reinstatement imposed by a county judge, court officer or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Suspensions and revocations commonly occur because of continue driving violations such as driving under the influence, reckless driving behavior, speeding and failure to insuring a vehicle especially when involved in a car accident.  The accumulation of points that a driver receives from violations often results in the suspension of their driver’s license. However, not all suspensions are issued for moving violations; licenses are also suspended for failure to pay court ordered child support or on the basis of an individual’s disability such as visual impairments, epilepsy, diabetes or age.  In specific circumstances, a driver may be able to apply for a restricted driver’s license. This type of license typically allows an individual to drive to work, school or other certain activities and has very specific limitations such as time of day, days of week and areas where an individual can drive.

The state in which the driver’s license was suspended determines the reinstatement plan, since every state has its own set of policies. Moreover, reinstatement requirements are based on the specific violation such as participation in a drug and alcohol program, evidence of financial responsibility for insuring a vehicle, proof of payment of child support in sum unpaid or payment of a reinstatement charge.

Some drivers do not follow the reinstatement guidelines and begin driving while their license is still suspended or revoked, therefore resulting in a charge of driving with a suspended or revoked license. Each state has specific penalties that correspond to the charge of driving with a suspended or revoked license that would be issued by the court that can range from heavy fines to jail time.

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