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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Discusses Change in Pennsylvania Law

January 12, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Discusses Change in Pennsylvania Law

Twenty-five percent of Americans are banned from employment opportunities due to their criminal record, specifically jobs regarding the care-taking of older Americans. The Older Adults Protective Act (OAPA) essentially disallows anyone with a record from working full-time in a covered nursing facility. Although elder abuse is a concern, there are many Americans qualified for these types of positions being marginalized as the law stands.

A lawsuit was filed 14 years ago to prove that the OAPA unconstitutional. Although the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed at the time, proposed legislation to change the law did not develop. Now the OAPA is being challenged for a second time, seeking enforcement and change in the unconstitutional law.

As the law exists today, some 200,000 people in Pennsylvania and thousands more throughout New Jersey, could potentially be affected. The OAPA law does not make allowances for specific individuals or the employer who recognizes they are fully capable and best suited for the position.

An example of the limitations of OAPA is the recent case involving a Philadelphia man, who at the age of 18 attempted to steal a car and was arrested. Fast forward 30 years, and the now grown man has been fired from at least three jobs for a single lapse of judgment. He has paid his debt to society, yet his record many decades later still haunts him.

Many people that are affected by OAPA are not newly convicted or just out of prison. They are citizens continuing to have trouble obtaining full-time employment five, ten, or even 30 years after one conviction. Experts in the field assert the chances of past behavior predicting future behavior vanishes four to seven years after a single conviction. However, a single conviction 20 to 30 years later continues to appear on background checks.

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