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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Explains New Animal Fighting Crime Law in NJ

February 23, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Explains New Animal Fighting Crime Law in NJ

A new animal fighting law was recently passed by the New Jersey legislature. This new law, which was signed by Governor Chris Christie, expands upon the animal fighting laws that were already in place for New Jersey. The sponsor of the law was Assembly Deputy Republican Leader Nancy F. Muñoz, who represents parts of Morris County, Somerset County and Union County.

The Terms of the New Animal Fighting Law in NJ

The recently adapted New Jersey animal fighting law makes some of the former criminal offenses more severe. It also creates new criminal penalties and civil offenses in addition to the increased severity of laws already in the repertoire of New Jersey law. Additionally, this law also creates additional and more severe penalties. The law also addresses the illegality of running a network of animal rings, which was previously not spelled out in the existing laws.

This networking crime falls under New Jersey’s anti-racketeering laws rather than its own entity, with punishment and consequences remaining the same as other racketeering offenses. Under the new law, any assets that are used to help promote or enable the fighting of animals may be subject to seizure by the appropriate authorities.

The Reasons for the New Animal Fighting Law

Ms. Muñoz initiated the bill and later took it through the lawmaking process because of her concern with how animals are treated, with dogs as a top priority. Her concern is based around many startling facts, including that many animals which are forced to fight often are fatally injured. For animals who survive fights but did not perform well, or their owners are trying to make “stronger,” they can face becoming a victim of animal abuse in their homes as well. Often times, fighter dogs are abused and neglected at home in addition to being forced into fighting.

Moreover, people who promote animal fighting also train and sell dogs. The fighting is done for financial gain at a cost to the animals. According to New Jersey representative Muñoz, dog fighting and other forms of animal fighting are taking place across New Jersey without any detection.

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