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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Reports on Bail Revocation in DUI Case

February 16, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reports: Bail Revocation in DUI Case

In 2009, a woman was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol and fatally injuring a 36 year old male pedestrian.   Several years after her release for serving time in a correctional facility for those charges, the woman was arrested for another DUI offense and released on bail. While out on bail, the women was charged with a third DUI offense. She immediately posted bail again. The prosecutor’s office filed a request to revoke her bail on the third offense as this was a bail violation of the second offense.

The defense strategy was to consolidate her last two charges until last week when the prosecutor’s office requested bail revocation.  The defendant requested a postponement until the prosecutor’s office finalized the details of a guilty plea deal.  The defense attorney added that his client had been attending alcohol counseling and if put back in jail, she would be unable to continue with counseling.

The assistant district attorney in the case conveyed that waiting for the prosecutor’s offer had no bearing on someone facing two additional DUI offenses who had previously served jail time for killing a person.  The Judge agreed and revoked bail stating the defendant was a danger to the community.  He did not believe that suspension of her driver license and alcohol counseling would insure that she would not repeat her offenses.

The defense lawyer expressed that they were not in agreement with the court decision to revoke bail and indicated that they will strongly pursue their case to achieve the most appropriate result.  The defendant expressed that she takes full responsibility for her actions. Sentencing remains to be seen should she be convicted as a repeat DUI offender.

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