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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Reports on Latest George Zimmerman Arrest

January 26, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reports on Latest George Zimmerman Arrest

Since George Zimmerman’s highly controversial acquittal for the 2012 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, he has been accused three times of domestic violence, yet has never been prosecuted.  In the wake of the notorious Martin killing, Zimmerman has been plagued by a series of run-ins with law enforcement.

Two weeks after his trial ended, Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in Texas.  In September, 2013, Zimmerman’s estranged wife reported to police that he had threatened her and her father; however, she declined to press charges.  In November, 2013, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, misdemeanor accounts of domestic violence battery, and criminal mischief after an argument with his girlfriend, in which she claimed he pulled a gun on her.  The girlfriend later withdrew her complaint, and all charges were dropped.  In September, 2014, a man reported a road rage incident to police, and claimed that Zimmerman had threatened to kill him in the altercation.  No charges were filed, and no arrest was ever made.

Most recently, on January 9, 2015, Zimmerman was arrested for a domestic disturbance reported by his latest girlfriend.  She claimed Zimmerman threw a wine bottle at her and broke her cell phone during an argument.  Although the alleged incident occurred on a Monday, Zimmerman was not arrested until the following Friday.  He was charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon.  The accusing woman has since recanted her story, and on Friday, January 30th, the prosecuting attorney in the case announced that all charges will be dropped.

Since the Martin acquittal, Zimmerman has not only struggled to avoid suspicion of law enforcement officers, he has also had difficulty finding work.  Zimmerman’s lawyer has described Zimmerman’s post-acquittal experience as devastating.  While pleased that the latest charges have been dropped, his attorney has expressed disappointment that the arrest, not worthy of prosecution, was ever even made.

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