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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Reports on New Jersey Crime Rates & Murder

November 01, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: New Jersey Crime Rates Down, Murder Up

New Jersey recently released their Uniform Criminal Report citing the state’s overall crime rate has fallen by seven percent in 2013, and the downward trend has continued through 2014.  However, the rate for violent crimes, such as murder, has remained nearly the same, decreasing by only one percent.  Other crimes such as rapes, motor vehicle thefts, and aggravated assaults were also on a downward trend; a decrease of 16%, 17%, and seven percent respectively.

The Uniform Crime Report is published through the state attorney general’s office using reportable crimes throughout the Garden State.  The report reveals that in 2013, there were 401 murders, an increase of four percent.  Approximately one third of the murders occurred in Essex County and handguns were used in 70% of the crimes.  More than half of the murder victims were black males, ranging in age from 15 to 29.

Acting Attorney General, John Hoffman, believes that the numbers are encouraging, but there is always room to improve.  Anti-violence initiatives and proactive law enforcement, including the use of more advanced technology, reinforces efforts to reduce crimes.  Because urban areas report higher crime rates, law enforcement officials continue to pinpoint these locations with apparent success.  According to the report, urban areas have recently experienced a decline in violent acts.

South Jersey continues to follow suit with the rest of the state.  Our area has experienced an overall drop in crime by 7.7%, with violent crimes decreasing by 9.6%, according to early figures for 2014.  Furthermore, preliminary statistics for 2014 reveal that Camden County’s overall crime rate fell by 15.6%.   The Camden County Police department reports a reduction of 20.5% in violent crimes, and 12.7% for non-violent crimes.

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