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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reports on Preliminary Screening for DUI

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reports on Preliminary Screening for DUI

Traffic stops by law enforcement are serious business. More often than not, motorists are pulled over because of driving infractions and/or traffic violations.  Sometimes a vehicle’s equipment is faulty or appears defective and drivers must be made aware of the situations.  Routine stops can help ensure that cars and trucks are safe to drive, and confirm that motorists are alert and capable of being behind the wheels.

If erratic driving or peculiar behaviors from a person who has been pulled over causes a police officer to suspect that a driver may be under the influence of alcohol, the officer needs to determine if there is probable cause to make an arrest.  This is often done by requesting that the suspect participate in a Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test (PAS), also referred to as a preliminary breathalyzer test.

Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test (PAS)

The PAS test measures a person’s blood alcohol level. It is performed using a hand-held breath-testing device that gives instant and accurate measures of blood alcohol levels.  If alcohol is found in the blood stream, officers can temporarily suspend driving privileges or make arrests, depending on the amount of alcohol that is present in the body.

In general, motorists can refuse to take PAS tests but this usually results in drivers getting licenses suspended for prolonged periods of time. While drivers are required by law to submit to specific blood, breath, and alcohol tests once they have been arrested for DUI, the consequences for refusing to submit to PAS testing varies from state to state.

To ensure public safety, it is the responsibility of all motorists to refrain from drinking any amount of alcohol before driving.  Because of the complexities involved in DUI arrests in New Jersey, it is important for those who find themselves in these unfortunate situations to seek the competent and experienced legal counsel of a Mount Holly criminal lawyer.

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