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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reviews Self-Defense Law in New Jersey

March 15, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reviews Self-Defense Law in New Jersey

There are times when it becomes necessary for people to use force as a means of self-defense against an aggressor.

In New Jersey, a defendant’s action is considered self-defense if the belief is that force was necessary in order to protect themselves against the illegal aggression of a perpetrator.  Self-defense can also be claimed if force against another is used to protect a third person, as long as it can be proven that injury was imminent unless intervention occurred.   Individuals in New Jersey can use force to protect property as long as the defendant has the legal right to be on the property and has control over the property.

In order to use the strategy of self-defense when charged with a violent crime in New Jersey, a judge or jury must determine if force and/or the amount of force used was necessary. When making these decisions they consider the mental and physical conditions of a defendant, along with their age and size.  A defendant’s character can also be taken into consideration if there is reasonable evidence that shows he/she could have been the initial aggressor.

If deadly force is used, it needs to be determined that the victim attempted to avoid confrontation, but ultimately decided that a high level of aggression was necessary in order to save his life. When defending a third party, the defendant must believe that the person being protected would be justified in using force to protect him/herself.

If an individual asks an intruder to leave his or her property but that intruder continues to trespass, self-defense can be used if the defendant feels that force is necessary to stop the intruder.  In cases of arson, robbery, or property destruction, deadly force can be used to stop the crime in order to prevent impending danger.

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