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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Strict New Jersey Gun Laws Have Serious Consequences for Legal Gun Owners

March 09, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Strict New Jersey Gun Laws Have Serious Consequences for Legal Gun Owners

The case of a young, professional security guard who has become a convicted felon stemming from an incident involving his legally purchased handgun has drawn renewed attention to New Jersey’s strict gun laws. New Jersey statutes mandate specific provisions for what constitutes a legally owned firearm, and demand a high standard of justifiable need, when an individual claims cause to carry a weapon outside of their home.

Mr. Steffon Josey-Davis is a twenty-four year old New Jersey resident who was employed as an armored car security guard at the time of the incident resulting in his arrest. He was subsequently convicted of a second degree felony for being in possession of a loaded, 9mm handgun without the proper permit.

Mr. Josey-Davis was driving his personal vehicle when he was stopped by law enforcement for a traffic infraction. During the traffic stop, Mr. Josey-Davis revealed to the officer that he had a firearm in his vehicle’s glove compartment and surrendered it to the officer. He was given a citation and instructed to collect the weapon the following Monday from the police department located in Highland Park.

Mr. Josey-Davis went to the police station to collect his firearm and brought with him all of the relevant documentation to validate his work credentials and ownership of the gun. He was astounded when he was then handcuffed, arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. Mr. Josey-Davis was arrested due to the fact that even though he was the legal owner of the gun, he had not yet received a permit to carry the weapon. However, according to Mr. Josey-Davis, law enforcement records indicated that his application was approved and due to be processed that week.

Following his conviction, Mr. Josey-Davis has a criminal record and has been unable to secure employment. He is also now doubtful that he will be able to attain his dream job of becoming a law enforcement officer. Mr. Josey-Davis is not the first New Jersey resident to be caught in the web of the Garden State’s strict gun laws.  A robust social media campaign has been launched on his behalf, including an online petition with over 80,000 signatures aimed at encouraging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to issue a pardon.

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