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New Jersey Criminal Lawyer: Can Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence Case Be Revisited by Prosecutors?

April 28, 2015

New Jersey Criminal Lawyer: Can Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence Case Be Revisited by Prosecutors?

When a video surfaced of former New Jersey college football star Ray Rice striking his now-wife Janay Palmer unconscious, the media and general public jumped on the case and demanded consequences. Original footage from the February incident showed Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé from an Atlantic City hotel elevator. However, the criminal case against for one count of aggravated assault was resolved months ago. What effect does the newly discovered video have on his case?

In March, Rice pleaded not guilty. A not-guilty plea agreement was reached between Rice and Atlantic County prosecutor’s office which allowed Rice to attend a pre-trial intervention program instead of going to trial. With many feeling that the court system let Ray Rice off too easy now that the video of his offense demonstrates the extent of the violence, the question becomes whether Rice’s punishment can be reviewed and potentially changed.

There are varying views as to whether Atlantic County prosecutors could re-open Rice’s domestic violence case. The NFL itself originally suspended Rice for just two games before amending the punishment to an indefinite suspension. The Baltimore Ravens, the team Rice played for, released him shortly thereafter.

In the United States, a constitutional clause prevents an individual from being tried twice for the same crime which is known as double jeopardy. Can New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio have the discretion to bring the case back for review? A reassessment can occur even if Rice fully complies with his pretrial program and this would not violate his due process. Rice’s pretrial program is intended for defendants that were charged with victimless or less serious charges. A felony domestic violence assault charge does not seem to fit this description. How this domestic violence case plays out will be seen in the coming weeks or months.

Domestic Violence Charges in NJ: New Jersey Defense Attorney Michele Finizio Can Help

Rice’s disturbing actions have brought widespread awareness to domestic violence. If you are facing charges for a domestic violence, there are defenses and alternatives to jail time that may be available to you. Accusing the wrong suspect, making false allegations, or actions that result from self-defense are all potential defenses to domestic violence.

The Moorestown Law Offices of Michele Finizio can provide you with an aggressive defense against domestic violence charges. Whether you made a mistake that cannot be undone or the allegations are false, we will fight to protect you from life-changing penalties. New Jersey criminal lawyer Michele Finizio, Esq. devotes her full attention to your case and understands the remedies or defenses available in domestic violence cases. For your free consultation with our law office, call us at (856) 242-7300 or contact us online.

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