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New Jersey Criminal Lawyer: NJ Police Officers Exonerated of Assault Charges

June 16, 2015

New Jersey Criminal Lawyer: NJ Police Officers Exonerated on Assault Charges

Three New Jersey police officers were recently exonerated on an assault charge despite the complainant’s best efforts to rally public support via social media.  According to an article posted in the New Jersey Herald, a man accused the policemen of beating his wife when she refused to leave his side in the emergency room of Newton Medical Center.  He then continued to post details of the incident on the Newton police Facebook page, rallying the public’s awareness and scrutiny.

As the incident continued to play out on Facebook, Newton police called for a full investigation by its internal affairs unit.  Investigators looked at security videotape, 911 call records, talked to the medical professionals present on the evening of the alleged assault, and interviewed both the accuser and alleged victim.  Upon a careful examination of the allegations and evidence, all three police officers were exonerated when investigators concluded that the officers’ actions were justified and that no extreme or unnecessary force was used when apprehending the suspect.

The woman arrested in the Emergency Room was charged with defiant trespass, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct after she refused to leave the area despite repeated requests to do so from the medical staff.  According to investigators and witnesses, hospital staff called the police for assistance.  When officers arrived on the scene, the woman continued to shout obscenities and act belligerently toward hospital and police personnel.

When the officers tried to escort the woman off the premises, she fell to the floor and began kicking and flailing to resist being removed.  Officers then restrained the woman and handcuffed her before putting her in the back of a patrol car.  Police video shows the woman refusing to exit the police car upon arrival at the station, which forced officers to physically extricate her for processing.  Since the officers’ actions were justified and professional, no further investigation or charges are warranted.

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