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New Jersey Criminal Lawyers Reports: Michael Phelps Charged with Second DUI Offense

November 17, 2015

New Jersey Criminal Lawyers Reports: Michael Phelps Charged with a Second DUI Offense

Fame, athletic ability, and popularity did not help Michael Phelps avoid a DUI charge in Maryland last month.  The 29-year-old record-breaking Olympian expressed remorse while taking full responsibility for his actions.  He publicly stated he was very sorry for what he had done and that he understood the seriousness of the situation.

This realization did not deter a Maryland Transportation Authority police officer from arresting Phelps and charging him with a DUI offense after catching Phelps driving 84 mph in a 45 mph zone.  When he could not perform the basic sobriety tests, Phelps was taken into custody and released shortly thereafter. This is Phelps’ second DUI offense in his home state of Maryland.  The first offense in 2004 resulted in an 18 month probation and a fine, and required him to speak at three area high schools about alcohol awareness, as well as remaining sober behind the wheel.

In New Jersey, it is against the law for a person to be operating a motorized vehicle if he/she has a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater.  Even if the driver does not show typical signs of intoxication and may seem perfectly fine,  an individual could face DUI / DWI charges in New Jersey if his/her blood alcohol level  is .08 or higher.

When New Jersey citizens receive their driver’s license, they have agreed to the state’s implied consent law which states that if a person is stopped because there is suspicion that he/she may be driving under the influence, that person shall submit to a test to check for alcohol. If one refuses to submit to a breathalyzer test, he/she receives an automatic suspension of license for a period of one year for a first offense.

Whether driving in Maryland, New Jersey, or any other state, DUI charges are serious and costly.  Individuals arrested for DUI or DWI should realize that it is in their best interest to contact an experienced traffic and municipal court lawyer for representation.

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