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New Jersey DUI Lawyer Fights to Minimize Devastating Penalties for DUI Offenses

New Jersey DUI Lawyer Fights to Minimize Devastating Penalties of DUI Offenses

A momentary lapse in judgment such as a DUI offense can lead to penalties that jeopardize many of the things you have worked for in life. These include your reputation, career, and valuable privileges like driving a vehicle. Family and loved ones that depend on you can also suffer as a result of your DUI offense. For the best protection against life-long consequences, we recommend seeking a New Jersey traffic and municipal court lawyer with extensive experience handling DUI offenses in New Jersey.

Dealing with a charge of this nature is never easy especially when other aspects of your life demand attention. A one year license suspension and 30 days in prison are among the DUI penalties you do not want to face alone. If this is a second or subsequent DUI offense, the penalties grow in severity. Refusal to take a breathalyzer test will result in the same loss of driving penalties. This is where a strong legal defense will give you peace of mind as your legal team aggressively fights for your justice.

The legal process is strict and moves quickly which makes it important for you to act quickly following a mistake. To get the care and assistance your case requires, consult a defense attorney that fully understands drunk driving laws in New Jersey and will devote their time to your well-being. Take control of your future today and minimize the impact of an unfortunate situation.

New Jersey Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Aggressively Fights on Behalf of Clients Facing New Jersey DUI Charges

The outcome from a DUI charge is not entirely set in stone and an experienced defense attorney may find case details that work in your favor. The Law Offices of Michele Finizio are ready to hear your case and bring remarkable knowledge to your side. New Jersey criminal lawyer Michele Finizio, Esq. treats you and your situation with compassion while also pursuing your justice relentlessly. To get a free consultation from the Law Offices of Michele Finizio, call our Moorestown, New Jersey office today at 856-888-9059 or contact us online.

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