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New Jersey DWI Lawyer: Rehabilitation Programs Should Always Be Considered

April 12, 2016

New Jersey DWI Lawyer: Rehabilitation Programs Should Always Be Considered

Have you been charged with a DWI in Cherry Hill or New Jersey? Do you know someone who is at risk for a DWI charge? Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can help prevent DWI, or help an individual from having more than one DWI on his or record.

Whether the person has hit rock bottom in their addiction, or they just received their first DWI, families and courts should do more to ensure that the person suffering from an addiction enters a rehabilitation program. Even if drug and alcohol users do not believe they are addicted, a rehabilitation program can teach important life habits that could help many individuals who are struggling in everyday life.

In most states, including New Jersey, DWI offenders must endure a period of license suspension, or after multiple offenses they may have an ignition interlock system installed on their car. National statistics show that many people who are convicted of a DWI will often be repeat offenders. Statistics from the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) show that two million people in the United States have 3 or more DWIs, and more than 400,000 have five or more DWIs on their records. Additionally, their research has found that before being charged with drunk driving, many offenders admit to driving drunk 80 times prior to that offense.

Rehabilitation for Repeat DWI Offenders in New Jersey

These staggering statistics show that rehabilitation after the first DWI offense could have some effect on the repeat offenders. Some states offer a DWI Diversion program where the first-time offender is offered an opportunity to go to rehabilitation, and, if successful, the DWI will be wiped off the offender’s record. In Kentucky, for example, the first-time offender must surrender their driver’s license, plead guilty to the offense, and enter into the rehabilitation program in order for the DWI to be expunged. In many cases, the driver must pay for their own rehabilitation program. So, this may not be feasible for all offenders or they may have to complete out-patient rehabilitation if the judge is amenable to that idea. The program also requires that the offender not commit a crime, or be charged with another DWI or the deal will be revoked.

Although currently there is not a specific rehabilitation program like that in New Jersey, judges may look more favorably on an offender who is willing to attend rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an opportunity for the person to understand why they have been taking self-destructive risks while obtaining coping skills to stay sober.

New Jersey DWI Lawyers at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio Seek to Prevent DWIs and Encourage DUI Offenders to Complete Rehabilitation Programs

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