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New Jersey Expungement Lawyers Discuss Expungement in New Jersey

June 14, 2016

New Jersey Expungement Lawyers Discuss Expungement in New Jersey

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Having a record expunged is an important step for eligible persons who have been convicted of a misdemeanor and have completed their sentence or paid their fine. Having a criminal record can lead to many issues, so it is in your best interest to expunge it as soon as possible. When a record is expunged, it is removed from public filing and unavailable in a search.

Misdemeanors are generally referred to as disorderly persons offenses, and they can include many criminal charges such as simple assault, resisting arrest, writing bad checks, lewd behavior, possession of marijuana under a certain amount, shoplifting, harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia. For most people convicted of misdemeanor offenses, probation and monetary penalties are all the courts will order. Once the reparations have been made, it is important to take the necessary steps to expunge a criminal record.

Requirements for Expungement in New Jersey

  • Individuals must have no pending charges against them
  • They must have no more than three (3) misdemeanor convictions against them in total, or, if they have been convicted of a felony as well, no more than two (2) misdemeanor convictions
  • Five years must have passed since the date of conviction, completion of probation, release from incarceration (which is rare in misdemeanor offenses), or payment of fines.

Now, there is an exception to the five-year rule in some cases. If one is able to prove that they have been rehabilitated, usually by evidence of a steady job or completion of school, then the waiting period may be shorted to three years.

After the waiting period is complete, a petition must be filed with the court, and it may take three months or more for the judge to grant an expungement in New Jersey. The simpler the case is (fewer arrests, etc.), the more likely it is for expungement to be granted quickly.

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