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New Jersey Surgeon Arrested on Charges of Cocaine Possession

cocaine possession lawyer camden njCocaine Bust in Middlesex County, NJ

A New Jersey neurosurgeon from Parlin in Middlesex County was arrested on Sunday morning on his way to work at Mountainside Medical Center after a traffic stop revealed cocaine in the vehicle.

Vikas Patel, 36, was arrested just after 1 a.m. on Sunday, August 4th when officers initiated a traffic stop for having tinted front windows on his vehicle, which is illegal in New Jersey. According to multiple media reports, Patel was then very evasive when answering questions posed by officers about his car’s documents and his identification. He also told officers that he was hurrying to get to work.

When the officer performed a database search of the vehicle, it returned an expired registration. There was drug paraphernalia in plain view of the officer during the traffic stop, which led to a subsequent search of the vehicle.

The officer discovered two vials of cocaine in the car along with more drug paraphernalia. Patel was arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses, including possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Patel was also issued multiple summonses following his arrest. These include having drugs in his vehicle, having a vehicle that is unregistered and having improper use of safety glass. Patel was released after being processed pending his court date.

Patel is innocent until proven guilty in court as these are simply allegations made against him.

Penalties and Laws Governing Cocaine in New Jersey

New Jersey, along with the rest of the country, bans cocaine use, possession and sale. Being arrested and charged with a cocaine drug crime comes with steep fines and penalties. If you are charged with possession of cocaine, a 3rd-degree crime, you can face a $35,000 fine. If the charge is your first offense, you have the option of enrolling in a treatment program. The program places you on probation in lieu of a prison sentence. You will need to submit to regular drug tests and make routine court appearances.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

No one should fight a drug crime charge alone. Even if you have confidence in yourself to fight the charges, you don’t know the law. You don’t have experience appearing in front of the judge who will preside over your case. You don’t know what it’s like to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor who is handling your case. A criminal defense attorney with a drug crime background has experience in all of these areas. Don’t risk your rights and your freedom by trying to represent yourself in court.

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