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New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Discusses DUI Arrests in Pennsylvania on Fourth of July Holiday

August 04, 2015

New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Discusses DUI Arrests in Pennsylvania Over Fourth of July Holiday

As discussed in our previous blog, Increased Risk of DUI Charges on Fourth of July, the number of drunk driving offenses usually increase over the Fourth of July holiday.  In fact, according to initial data provided by the Pennsylvania State Police, during the five days surrounding Independence Day, 411 drivers in the keystone state were arrested and charged with a DUI.  Moreover, thousands more Pennsylvania drivers were cited by state troopers for other traffic violations.  Specifically:

  • 8,986 speeding tickets were issued over the July 4th holiday weekend.
  • 886 drivers were cited for not wearing a seat belt.
  • 152 Pennsylvanians received tickets because children passengers were not properly restrained in child safety seats.

In an effort to combat drunk driving, Pennsylvania initiated a national enforcement campaign named, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”  The campaign was funded by Penn DOT and federal grant money.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) financially supported PA’s drunk driving program with a total of $4.2 million.  A portion of the federal grant money was used to help police with DUI enforcement over the Fourth of July holidays.

Pennsylvania’s massive drunk driving crusade is history making.  The number of statewide DUI arrests in Pennsylvania over the Independence Day holiday is expected to be even greater once local law enforcement bureaus add their drunk driving arrests figures.  Given the considerable amount of police officers patrolling roadways, a driver had a greater chance of being charged with a DUI over the Fourth of July holiday.

If you were one of those drivers charged with a DUI this holiday, you need an experienced traffic lawyer to represent you.  A qualified traffic lawyer can defend against a charge of DUI including investigating all pertinent facts of the case to ensure that all your constitutional rights and privileges are protected.

New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Has Experience Defending People Charged with DUI in Camden, NJ

If you were arrested for DUI in New Jersey during the Independence Day holiday, contact the New Jersey traffic lawyers at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio.  Ms. Finizio is an experienced DUI lawyer and will aggressively fight the drunk driving charges you are facing.  Michele Finizio, Esquire will provide an aggressive defense to any traffic violations you may be charged with.   Call her Moorestown, NJ law offices today at 856-888-9059 or contact her online.

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