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New Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyers: Avoiding Traffic Ticket in September

October 23, 2017

New Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyers: Avoiding a Traffic Ticket This September

With school resuming this month, there will be more vehicles on the road during the commute to and from school. These vehicles include parents driving their children to school and bringing them home, teen drivers driving themselves and friends to school, and school buses making the rounds from neighborhood to neighborhood. With more vehicles on the road comes more chances to be involved in a collision or another type of car accident. It also increases your chance of receiving a ticket for a traffic violation in New Jersey, such as speeding in a school zone or improperly passing a school bus.

These kinds of violations are handled at the municipal level. Generally, you are required to pay a fine for each ticket. Sometimes, you can face other penalties, such as points on your driver’s license or even jail time. If you receive a traffic ticket, you have the right to work with a traffic violation lawyer to have the charge downgraded to a lower offense or dropped altogether.

Avoiding a Traffic Ticket in NJ Is Easier Than Fighting One

Although you certainly can fight a traffic ticket if you receive one, it is much easier to simply avoid being written one in the first place. To avoid a traffic ticket this September, familiarize yourself with the traffic laws that you might not think about much during the summer:

  • When a school bus is stopped to pick up or discharge a child on an undivided road, all vehicles approaching the bus from either side must come to a complete stop at least 25 feet from the bus and remain stopped until the child has entered the bus or reached the sidewalk and the bus’s flashing stop sign as stopped flashing.
  • When a school bus is stopped to pick up or discharge a child on a divided road, any drivers approaching in the opposite lane must slow to 10 miles per hour until they have passed the bus and the child disembarking or entering the bus.
  • When a school bus is stopped at a school to drop off or pick up children, drivers must slow their vehicles to 10 miles per hour to pass the bus.
  • Many school zones have different speed limits during certain hours while school is in session. Take note of the hours and dates for these altered speed limits and drive through school zones with them in mind.

New Jersey Traffic Violations Lawyers at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio Defend Against Traffic Citations

If you have been cited for a traffic violation in New Jersey, you do not simply have to pay your fine. You can fight the citation with help from an experienced New Jersey traffic violations lawyer. Complete our online form or call 856-888-9059 to set up your initial consultation with the Law Offices of Michele Finizio in our Moorestown offices. We proudly serve clients in Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, and Salem County.

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