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NJ Gun Laws: The Difficult Process of Getting a Concealed Carry Permit

August 07, 2018

Concealed Gun PermitAmericans have always had the right to own a gun thanks our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.  But the law says nothing about how easy any specific state must make it to be able to fully exercise this right. New Jersey is one of the most difficult states to live in and be able to legally purchase and own guns.  To get the right to conceal carry is even more challenging and full of regulations and requirements. The process is often long and complicated and many people find themselves getting rejection letters and an appeal of denial is no easier.

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NJ Requirements of Residents to Legally Purchase a Gun

A NJ citizen must have a normal mental health state and have a good track record to be able to pass a background check and be approved just to legally be allowed to purchase and own a gun.  Psychological assessments are required to ensure you are healthy and references are also required to get verbal approval from many individuals who know you. If anyone you know has private concerns they are willing to reveal to the police, you may not be eligible.  Under Brady Law, you also must pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check at time of purchase. That means if you commit a crime after getting approved to purchase a gun, you can still easily be denied.

It is also important to note that getting approval to purchase a handgun requires different applications to be filled out.  It is not as easy to buy a small pistol as it is to buy a longer gun like a shotgun or rifle. This is because statistics have shown most guns that have been used in violent crimes involve handguns.  This makes sense because they are smaller and much easier to hide in one’s baggage or clothing.

The steps to get a permit to carry takes the process to a whole new level compared to simply being legally allowed to purchase and own a firearm in NJ.  New Jersey officials do their best to limit these permits to individuals in security work or for those who feel a serious need for self-protection. There are multiple layers of paperwork approval and regulations that a gun owner must go through.  After a New Jersey resident passes background checks and psychological assessments and receives a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, they may go out and purchase a firearm within a certain time limit.

Once all requirements are met and the authority figure has fully analyzed all information about a gun owner, they will decide on if they believe you are eligible for a permit.  They will then take their case and these documents to court and give his approval to a Superior Court judge who then makes a final decision. It is important to note that if judge has any concerns they can put person-specific restriction on conceal carry permit.

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