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Not Only Alcohol: How Drugs Affect Your Driving

Not Only Alcohol – How Drugs Affect Your Driving

We all know we shouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol, but it turns out that other drugs can impair your driving just as much if not more. Just this past July, an Atlantic City woman was charged with a DUI after she drove into a house while under the influence of hard drugs. And another woman crashed into a tree in Morristown, with her two year old daughter in the car. In both of these cases we can see that driving under the influence can not only endanger the driver’s life but also the lives of others.

It is difficult to tell how a given drug will impair someone’s driving. Some drugs can significantly impair a driver’s abilities with even a tiny dose, and many people will mix many drugs together at once. Because of these complicating factors, most states have a zero tolerance policy. Meaning that you can be charged with a DUI if any amount of illicit drug is found in your bloodstream.

So what do you do if you are charged with a DUI? In this situation it is important to get legal help as quickly as possible. Talking to a lawyer immediately gives you two advantages. First, you will remember more details about the event and thus be able to give them more information. Information they can use to craft a stronger defense. And second, you will give the lawyer more time to develop a strong defense. They need as much time as possible in order to review the case and identify any potential loopholes or other technicalities that can be used to get you off completely or give you a reduced sentence. In DUI cases the prosecution will often act very quickly and aggressively so it is all the more important that act quickly as well.

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You should never drive under the influence of any kind of drugs, but if you are being accused of a DUI the most important thing you can do is get legal help as quickly as possible.


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