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Cherry Hill Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Charges Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ Aggressively Defends The Rights of Clients in Camden County and Throughout South Jersey

You do not have to deal with Cherry Hill’s criminal court system alone if you are being prosecuted for a crime. A Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Michele Finizio can support you as you deny the accusations against you and insist on your innocence. You require knowledgeable legal representation when facing seasoned criminal prosecutors.

The rights and interests of our clients are our top priority at our firm. We are aware of the difficulty and anxiety involved in dealing with the criminal justice system. To ensure that you feel confident and secure in your decision-making process over how to handle your charges, our legal team will take the time to explain your legal rights, options, and what to expect in your case. If necessary, we can visit you in prison or at home, and we’re always ready to talk about how your case is going and answer any questions you might have.

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The Law Offices of Michele Finizio’s Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney can provide you with the legal assistance you require if you are the subject of a criminal investigation or have been charged with a crime. This can help you safeguard your future and freedom. For more information on how our firm will support you throughout the criminal justice system and strive to achieve the best possible result for you, get in touch with us for a free initial case evaluation.

Charges That The Law Offices of Michele Finizio May Be Able To Help You With

Cherry Hill Criminal Defense Attorney

Our skilled legal team at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio can help you seek a resolution to criminal accusations such as those involving:

  • Municipal court infractions
  • Stealing and shoplifting
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Domestic abuse
  • A breach of a restraining order
  • Weapons and firearms charges
  • Assault
  • and even more

To learn more about how our firm can protect your rights and freedom against the criminal charges you are up against, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with a Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney.


I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. Michael handled my case very well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with any court issues.

Lelany J.


Very realistic and professional. Great with communication and prompt with follow ups. Flexible with availability, responds to both texts and phone calls. I was very happy with the service I received.

Jerilyn N.


Michele is an amazing attorney. She goes above and beyond to help. She answers her phone at all times of the day and is eager to get you the answers and give you the advice and representation you need. Don’t hesitate to use her services!!!!

J. L.

What Can Our Firm’s Cherry Hill Criminal Defense Attorney Do To Assist You In Resolving Your Case?

If you have been accused of a crime, you might not know what to do or who to contact for assistance in defending yourself. If you are being charged for the first time, the criminal justice system may seem overwhelming and distressing. Give yourself some peace of mind by having a Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Michele Finizio fight tenaciously for your freedom and rights. You can anticipate that our legal team will start building your defense as soon as we are retained to represent you in your criminal case by:

  • Instead of depending just on the evidence gathered by the prosecution, look into your charges and obtain all relevant proof;
  • Defending and defending your rights throughout your case, even when police attempt to infringe on them when interviewing or searching you;
  • By requesting the exclusion of evidence that was obtained against your will, or by requesting the reduction or dismissal of charges due to insufficient evidence, you can contest the prosecution’s case against you;
  • Aggressively negotiating with the prosecution on your behalf to try to negotiate a good plea deal, if necessary;
  • Arguing for your defense in court to prove your innocence if you decide to go to trial.

To schedule a consultation to discuss the next steps in your criminal case, call the Law Offices of Michele Finizio.

For a private consultation after you have been detained and charged with a crime, get in touch with the Law Offices of Michele Finizio immediately. A Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney may meet with you to discuss your legal choices and give you the knowledge and counsel you need to decide how to best handle your case and safeguard your interests.

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About Cherry Hill, New Jersey

On the outskirts of Philadelphia, just the other side of the Delaware River from the City of Brotherly Love, is Cherry Hill, a significant New Jersey business hub. Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is home to many big, global corporations, thus the city’s closeness to Philadelphia isn’t the sole lure. As a part of the South Jersey Shore and the Delaware Valley Coastal Plain, this community has a fascinating history. In a 1961 referendum, the citizens of the town chose the name, and the community has continued to develop the city ever since.

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Michele Finizio has an office location nearby located at 9 E Main St, Moorestown, NJ 08057. Contact her today for a free consultation about your case.

Common Questions Regarding Criminal Defense In Cherry Hill, New Jersey

How much does a Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney charge?

The majority of criminal defense attorneys work on an hourly basis, which means they bill for the time they spend preparing their clients’ cases. A client will frequently have to pay a retainer in advance to retain a criminal defense attorney. Any remaining funds after the case are refunded to the client. The attorney then deducts fees from the retainer as they complete work for the client. You cannot place a value on defending your freedom, reputation, and future, even though engaging a Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney may be an expensive option depending on the seriousness of the charges and the complexity of the case.

Do I require legal representation if I accept a plea bargain?

Never enter a guilty plea or accept a plea bargain from the prosecution before consulting with a Cherry Hill criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney can examine the circumstances and facts of your case and may suggest defense tactics you have to refute the charges against you. To fight for a more favorable result in your case, such as a better plea bargain, the dismissal of the charges against you, or an acquittal at trial, an experienced Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney can vigorously contest the prosecution’s case against you.

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"I am extremely grateful for the exceptional legal services provided by my lawyer (Michele Finizio) in handling my charges. Their expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes for my case. Very Grateful.”
- Enrique R.

“Had a case and hired the team. Recieved a better outcome than anticipated. The process was smooth and relaxed. Definitely recommend! Thank you everyone!”
- Yashar E.

"I was facing some serious charges and Michele and Kevin made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. Very professional, understanding, courteous, and diligent. Michele’s firm was highly recommended to me by a friend who has used her a few times. 10/10 highly recommend. Thank you so much Michele and Kevin!!!!"
- Samantha O.

“I highly recommend this law firm. They were easy to contact and very knowledgeable. I will definitely work with them again.”
- Stevey M.
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