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In New Jersey, child pornography offenses are felonies are attached with severe penalties, not only on the state level but also on the federal level. A child pornography conviction can result in years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and the requirement to register as a sex offender and potentially being classified as a sexually violent predator, which can not only impact your personal and professional relationships but make it nearly impossible to find a good job or housing. You need an experienced Monroe Township child pornography defense lawyer on your side.

Given the severity of child pornography laws, it may seem daunting to be accused of such crimes. When you are facing charges relating to child pornography in Monroe Township, you need dedicated, experienced legal representation in your corner to fight for your rights and interests. Our legal team can help you secure the best possible outcome.

If you have been accused of an offense involving child pornography in Monroe Township, contact The Law Offices of Michele Finizio, an experienced New Jersey child pornography defense lawyer. 

Child Pornography Offenses in New Jersey

Child pornography is all-encompassing and covers a number of criminal offenses involving the possession, creation, viewing, distribution, or even receipt of child pornography. Examples of child pornography offenses in New Jersey include:

  • Possession of child pornography,
  • Manufacture or distribution of child pornography,
  • Sexting crimes,
  • Child endangerment.

Knowing possession or viewing of child pornography is generally a third-degree crime under New Jersey law.  Distribution or sharing of child pornography is a second-degree charge in most circumstances.

Potential Penalties for a Conviction of Child Pornography in New Jersey

Child pornography charges are no joke. If convicted, the punishment is severe. Child pornography convictions may carry:

  • Up to 20 years in New Jersey prison if charged with a first-degree crime (incarceration based on federal child pornography charges can last up to 40 years depending upon the circumstances),
  • Mandatory minimum prison sentences,
  • Significant monetary fines,
  • A lifetime of supervised parole upon release in some cases,
  • Psychological treatment as a sex offender,
  • Sex offender registration requirements under Megan’s Law.

New Jersey and federal laws that apply in child pornography cases can make it difficult for judges to avoid harsh penalties, even if your charges are based on mistakenly opening a file or your teenager’s use of the Internet.

If one disseminates or transports child pornography across state or international borders, or brings children across state or international borders for the purposes of making child pornography, he or she may also be charged with federal crimes.

Contact our Seasoned Defense Attorney Michele Finizio

If you or a loved one have been accused of a crime involving child pornography, it is easy to believe that the situation is hopeless because of the stigma attached to the crime.  Our experienced New Jersey child pornography defense team are here to reassure you that this is not the case. We are committed to building a strong and effective defense for every one of our clients, and we have the legal knowledge to help in your case. Contact The Law Offices of Michele Finizio to schedule a free and confidential consultation. 

About Monroe Township, New Jersey

Monroe Township is a township in southern Middlesex County, New Jersey. It is part of the outer-ring suburbs of the New York Metropolitan area. The township is also centrally located within the Raritan Valley region. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township’s population was 39,132. Monroe Township was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 9, 1838, from portions of South Amboy Township, based on the results of a referendum held that same day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Pornography Law in Monroe Township, New Jersey

FAQ: Are there any enhanced punishments that apply to defendants convicted on child pornography charges in New Jersey?

Yes. In certain cases, enhanced charges may apply. For example, if a defendant is convicted of distributing at least 25 pieces of child pornography, mandatory minimum prison sentences apply: at least five years for first offenders and up to 10 years for repeat offenders. Under the No Early Release Act, defendants convicted on child pornography charges must serve at least 85% of their prison sentences in New Jersey.

FAQ: Are there any real defenses to child pornography charges?

Defenses to child pornography can be difficult to establish, but they are available. In some cases, it may be possible to prove that the individuals in the photos or videos were at least 18 years old. It can also be a defense if you received child pornography but promptly destroyed it. As with any other criminal investigation or charge, the prosecution and law enforcement are also required to respect all of your constitutional rights. Constitutional violations may be grounds for having evidence dismissed or even the charges against you reduced or dropped.

FAQ: Is it a defense to child pornography charges if the actors appeared to be adults?

No. A conviction for child pornography can stick even if the defendant believed that the images depicted adults who were at least 18 years old.

FAQ: Will I go to jail if I am convicted and it’s my first offense?

It depends upon the degree of crime charged. If convicted for first or second-degree crimes, a presumption of incarceration applies. However, for third-degree offenses relating to possession alone, probation may be available if you have no prior convictions.

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