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Criminal Lawyer in Palmyra, NJ Aggressively Defends The Rights of Clients in Burlington County and Throughout South Jersey

You don’t need a flashy website or brightly colored brochures while searching for a criminal defense lawyer to take on your case. What you require is a Palmyra criminal defense attorney with the necessary training, expertise, and track record. With The Law Offices of Michele Finizio, you receive all of that and more. The Law Offices of Michele Finizio, a renowned Palmyra criminal defense firm, successfully represents people accused of crimes in Passaic County and around New Jersey.

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Skillfully Defends New Jersey Clients Charged With A Wide Range Of Criminal Offenses by Qualified Palmyra Criminal Defense Attorney

Palmyra Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter how trivial or serious the charge is, it is vital to you and to us when you are accused of a crime. No criminal accusation is too small or insignificant for The Law Offices of Michele Finizio, and we will use every tool at our disposal to defend the client. In New Jersey, clients accused of a variety of criminal charges, including—but not limited to—any of the following: are expertly defended by our skilled Palmyra criminal defense attorney.

  • Charges of assault in Palmyra, NJ
  • Charges of Theft in Palmyra, NJ
  • Charges of Robbery in Palmyra, NJ
  • Theft of a vehicle in Palmyra, NJ
  • Charges of Theft in Palmyra, NJ
  • Charges for Shoplifting in Palmyra, NJ
  • DUI/DWI Crimes in Palmyra, NJ
  • Offenses Committed by Children in Palmyra, NJ
  • Palmyra, New Jersey charges of domestic violence
  • Restraining order violations in Palmyra, NJ
  • Drug Crimes in Palmyra, NJ
  • Weapons Charges in Palmyra, NJ
  • And even more

I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. Michael handled my case very well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with any court issues.

Lelany J.


Very realistic and professional. Great with communication and prompt with follow ups. Flexible with availability, responds to both texts and phone calls. I was very happy with the service I received.

Jerilyn N.


Michele is an amazing attorney. She goes above and beyond to help. She answers her phone at all times of the day and is eager to get you the answers and give you the advice and representation you need. Don’t hesitate to use her services!!!!

J. L.

Experienced Palmyra Criminal Attorney Describes the New Jersey Legal Time Limits for Filing Criminal Charges

Every state sets deadlines for bringing legal action there. “Statutes of limitations” are the legal term for these deadlines. Each date is based on the type of claim being submitted, and these statutes differ from state to state. Both criminal and civil claims are subject to time limits.

Depending on the nature of the alleged offense, several statutes of limitations apply to criminal claims in New Jersey. The following are the legal deadlines in New Jersey for filing criminal charges:


The statute of limitations for felonies in New Jersey is:

Corruption: seven years

seven years for official misconduct and associated chargesstatue

Additional felony offenses: five years

Offenses by Disorderly Persons

The statute of limitations for a disorderly person offense in New Jersey is:

Minor infraction: one year

One year for a disorderly person offense

The statute of limitations includes exceptions in New Jersey as well. Legal deadlines for pressing charges for crimes like manslaughter or murder do not apply; these charges may be brought years after the alleged crime was allegedly committed. The individual who is being charged with a crime may also be under investigation or being prosecuted for the same criminal activity, which is another exemption to the statute of limitations. The New Jersey statute of limitations does not apply in certain circumstances. Additionally, the statute of limitations does not run while the accused is eluding prosecution.

Get A Free Consultation With An Experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney. All You Have To Do Is Call 856-888-9059 Or Fill Out Our Online Contact Form.

The Law Offices Of Michele Finizio’s Committed Criminal Defense Lawyer In Palmyra Achieves Results For New Jersey Clients Facing Criminal Charges.

You need a strong defense plan if you are facing criminal charges. You desire outcomes. A weak defense of the accusations made against you is the absolute last thing you need. The committed criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio in Palmyra, New Jersey obtain favorable outcomes for their clients who are accused of crimes throughout the state of New Jersey.

The Law Offices of Michele Finizio use legal techniques that are specifically crafted to disprove the accusations made against you by the prosecution. Our clients see results through this strategy, which allows them to move on from the past and resume living their lives. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio is available to assist you if you or a member of your family has been accused of any criminal violation, including theft of a motor vehicle, theft of property, shoplifting, or assault. Schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to find out more about the services we offer.

About Palmyra, New Jersey

This design, which depicts historical personalities and sites from the city of Palmyra, was commissioned in the 1990s by the Palmyra Historical and Cultural Society to be used on an embroidered throw and was intended for use on that throw. Many thanks to the PCHS for allowing us to use one of their photos.
It is possible to miss the fact that Palmyra is home to a number of notable historical sites if you merely drive through the neighborhood or go for a stroll in the area without paying any attention to what you are seeing. Do not be deceived by the presence of a Wawa in this somewhat unremarkable town; it is chock full of fascinating antiquities that predate the United States.

The Palmyra Historical and Cultural Society is in charge of preserving the history of the borough, which includes the borough’s original Victorian architecture as well as certain facts about the area that is so obscure that even long-time residents might not be aware of them. Will Valentino, author of the column “BACK IN TIME” and a member of the Palmyra Historical and Cultural Society, and John Casparro, founder of the Palmyra Improvement Association, both provided historical perspectives on the town that many of the town’s present residents probably are not aware of.

Areas We Serve in Burlington County

Michele Finizio has an office location in Burlington County located at 9 E Main St, Moorestown, NJ 08057. Contact her today for a free consultation about your case.

Questions And Answers Regarding Criminal Defense In Palmyra, New Jersey

Can police make an arrest without a warrant in some circumstances?

Most of the time, police officers can make an arrest without obtaining a warrant. Law enforcement officials must, however, have “probable cause,” also known as a valid justification for the arrest. Law enforcement must have reason to suspect that both the person they want to arrest and a crime have been committed in order to establish probable cause. When attempting to arrest a suspect at his or her house, for example, law enforcement officials may need to obtain an arrest warrant.

What exactly is a plea deal?

A plea bargain, which is relatively prevalent in criminal cases, is a legally binding agreement in some circumstances. Plea agreements are chosen in many criminal cases because they may be struck swiftly and provide both the prosecution and the defendant with some degree of control over the case’s outcome. It’s crucial to remember that both parties must consent to the terms of a plea agreement.

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"I am extremely grateful for the exceptional legal services provided by my lawyer (Michele Finizio) in handling my charges. Their expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes for my case. Very Grateful.”
- Enrique R.

“Had a case and hired the team. Recieved a better outcome than anticipated. The process was smooth and relaxed. Definitely recommend! Thank you everyone!”
- Yashar E.

"I was facing some serious charges and Michele and Kevin made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. Very professional, understanding, courteous, and diligent. Michele’s firm was highly recommended to me by a friend who has used her a few times. 10/10 highly recommend. Thank you so much Michele and Kevin!!!!"
- Samantha O.

“I highly recommend this law firm. They were easy to contact and very knowledgeable. I will definitely work with them again.”
- Stevey M.
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