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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: South Jersey Football Player Faces Criminal Charges

November 24, 2015

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: South Jersey Football Player Faces Criminal Charges

A new law went into effect in New Jersey last year, which makes it a criminal offense to issue a bad electronic funds transfer. Bad electronic funds transfer offenses are punishable with up to a five year prison term per offense.

Mercer County prosecutors report that Plaxico Burress is the first person to be charged under the new law. A former wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and New York Jets, Burress was charged with failure to pay taxes and for issuing a bad electronic funds transfer. Mr. Burress filed his 2013 income taxes in October, 2014, and at that time he owed $48,000. The electronic funds transfer he issued to pay the debt failed.

Prosecutors say the New Jersey State Division of Taxation notified both Mr. Burress and his tax accountant several times about the failed payment. They received no reply or payment. Even after a criminal complaint was filed in February, 2015, still no payment was received from Burress.

Mr. Burress has a long history of failure to pay debts owed. Most of them are small amounts, comparative to his taxable income of $550,000. In fact, Burress has been sued an average of once yearly since the year 2000, for failure to pay taxes and other outstanding debts.

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