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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Juvenile Drug Possession

November 22, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Juvenile Drug Possession

It is assumed that juveniles facing drug possession charges are found with marijuana, methamphetamines, or other illegal drugs; however, many juveniles are facing drug possession charges because they are found with prescription drugs on their person or in an area where they frequent. When someone under the age of 18 is caught in possession of a regulated drug or substance without legal ground it is considered juvenile drug possession. In the United States, drugs and medications are regulated by law; therefore, if a juvenile is found to have any kind of drug knowingly and without any legal justification, they can be arrested and charged with drug possession.

In cases of juvenile drug possession knowledge is key; if you can prove that you were unaware that you were in possession of the drug then the charges may be dropped. Prior to being caught in possession of drugs, there is typically an investigation to ensure that the possessor is not wrongfully charged. Moreover, not only can juveniles be charged when they are directly holding a substance, they can also be charged if it can be proven that they had control over the area where the drugs were found. Rooms, lockers, and cars are all common places in which drugs can be found and determined to be in a teen’s possession. Penalties for juvenile drug possessors can include drug counseling, probation, diversion, and detainment.

Juvenile Criminal Defense and Parental Guidance Make a Difference

Drug possession convictions have life-long consequences for juveniles. Juvenile drug convictions affect college acceptance, and employment opportunities. Juvenile’s facing drug charges can greatly benefit from retaining a seasoned criminal lawyer who has the experience to challenge the legality of how the drugs were discovered or confiscated.

Parents can protect their children from facing a drug possession charge by educating their teens. Keeping a close eye on children, monitoring their actions, and regulating whom they spend time with reduces the chances of teens getting involved with the wrong crowd, and finding themselves in a compromising situation that could result in a drug possession offense. Teens who are involved in drug education programs are less likely to possess, abuse or be in the company pf those who use drugs. Extracurricular activities help teens stay away from illegal drug-related activities because most alcohol and drug abuse occurs between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Defends Juveniles Facing Drug Possession Charges in South Jersey

If your teen is facing a New Jersey juvenile drug possession offense, contact Mount Holly criminal lawyer, Michele Finizio, Esq., to ensure that your child receives the best possible juvenile defense. The Law Offices of Michele Finizio are located in Moorestown, New Jersey and serve clients throughout South Jersey in Camden County, Burlington County, Mercer County, Cumberland County, Salem County and Atlantic County. Call 856-888-9059 or submit an online inquiry for a consultation.

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