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Starting October 1st, 2018 the Expungement Laws in New Jersey Are Going to Change

February 20, 2018


Expungements Of Criminal Records Lawyer Cherry Hill NJDue to new legislation signed in December by former Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey will finally be updating the way that ex-convicts are able to try and apply to get their criminal acts expunged from their records.

Not only that, these new bipartisan laws will increase the number of ex-offenders who are able to apply to this program, and in addition, the types of crimes that are considered minor and therefore able to be cleared from their past are being broadened. This, in turn, gives a much larger group of people the chance to be able to start their lives over, which is a result that, for once, both Democrats and Republicans were able to come to mutual terms to agree with.

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The majority of people seem to agree that people who commit minor crimes should not have to pay for them for the rest of their lives. People make mistakes, but if they meet the requirements of the punishment that they were given and want to be able to try and restart their lives in a positive way both parties agree that this is something that they should be able to accomplish. Keeping people in the system and not allowing them to advance once they are out of it is a detriment to everyone involved, from the people who committed the crime to the taxpayer that continually has to foot the bill. With the changes that these new expungement laws bring everyone hopes that these reforms become a huge benefit to all of the people of New Jersey.

The number of people who are eligible to get their crimes cleared from their record needed to go up, and one way these new laws help that is by enhancing the number of crimes that are considered to be minor by the courts. By doing this more ex-offenders will be able to apply to the process and a long-standing tradition of considering some crimes more serious than they probably should have been reversed. As long as those that commit minor crimes complete whatever punishment they were given by the courts this new law makes them eligible to get that conviction cleared from their record.

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Another change being made to reform the current laws is how long it takes adults and juveniles before they are able to begin the process of getting their convictions expunged from their record. Previously adults would have to wait ten years before they could start this process but starting on October 1st, it will be lowered to six years and in some cases, it will only be five. For juveniles, this time will be reduced from five to three years which will make a major difference for any youth that has made a mistake but regrets it and wants to put it behind them in order to have a better life.

In another move designed to help more people clear their record the limit of disorderly persons or petty disorderly person’s convictions that could be expunged has gone to four instead of three. In addition, previously there was a bar that had to be met for convictions being expunged if the person applying had any amount of criminal charges dismissed because of the successful completion of a diversion. These new laws remove that bar, and they also changed the limit of criminal convictions that could be expunged from two to three for convictions including additional disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons.
All of these laws are changing for the benefit of ex-offenders but if you do not understand these changes it is possible you will also not know how to take advantage of them.

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