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Can I Get a Hardship License After a DUI?

April 12, 2022

Can I Get a Hardship License After a DUI?

People in New Jersey who are convicted of DUI offenses may be subject to a suspension of their driver’s license. However, when a person who has had their license suspended for DUI may need to drive for work or to provide care to family members. If you still need to be able to drive after your license was suspended for DUI in New Jersey, you may wonder whether you might be able to obtain a hardship license to continue lawfully driving. 

What is a Hardship License? 

A hardship license is a special type of license granted to an individual who has had their normal driver’s license suspended due to a DUI conviction. These licenses normally come with various restrictions, such as limiting the hours that a driver may lawfully drive or restricting the driver from driving to and from work, school, medical appointments, or other necessary errands. 

In New Jersey, a driver’s license will be suspended for at least three months following a DUI conviction, with the period of suspension lasting upwards of a year or more depending on factors such as the driver’s BAC at the time of the offense and how many prior DUI convictions they may have.

Can You Get a Hardship License after a DUI in New Jersey?

While some states offer hardship licenses to people who have had their driver’s license suspended for a DUI conviction, New Jersey does not offer hardship licenses. A driver whose license has been suspended for a DUI conviction may not resume driving until they have had their driver’s license reinstated. Driving when your license has been suspended for a DUI conviction is a serious criminal offense in New Jersey that can result in prison time if you are convicted. At a minimum, being caught driving on a suspended license will result in an extension of the period of suspension of your license. 

What Options Do You Have to Restore Your Driving Privileges after a DUI License Suspension?

While New Jersey does not offer hardship licenses to drivers who have been convicted of DUI, you may be able to have your driving privileges reinstated during the required period of suspension if you install an ignition interlock device on the vehicles you own and/or have regular access to. An ignition interlock device is a piece of equipment that requires a driver to provide a breath sample before starting up the engine. The ignition interlock will only allow the engine to start if it does not detect alcohol on the breath sample. 

If you cannot get your driver’s license restored by agreeing to install ignition interlock devices on your vehicles, you will not be able to lawfully drive. If you still need to get to work or school or run errands, you will need to look into alternatives such as public transportation, using a bicycle, taking Ubers or Lyfts, or relying on family and friends to give you a ride. 

Because New Jersey has harsh penalties for a DUI conviction, if you have been charged with DUI you need to work with a DUI defense attorney to potentially avoid conviction. 

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