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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Explains Differences Between Charges for Theft, Robbery & Burglary

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Explains the Differences between Charges of Theft, Robbery, and Burglary

Theft, robbery and burglary are commonly used interchangeably, and often mistakenly, to mean the same thing.  However, there are very specific differences among all three crimes.  Typically all three charges include theft, better known as stealing.  Beyond that similarity the differences are very definite and distinct within their legal definitions.

Theft Charges in New Jersey

Theft is the most simplistic of the three crimes.  By definition theft occurs when there is an unauthorized taking of someone’s property or a thing of value without permission.  An important component in theft is the intent to permanently deprive the person or entity of what was stolen.  Examples of theft include a stolen car, shoplifting from a store, or the use of cable television services not paid for by the thief.

Robbery Charges in NJ

Robbery is defined as the taking of something from another while using force or the threat of force.  As in the case concerning theft, intent is also a key factor of robbery.  For example, someone just picking up a women’s handbag and walking out the door is simply theft.  But demanding that you hand it over while yelling involves the threatening aspect of robbery.  Also, ripping a handbag out of a person’s hand demonstrates the forceful factor in a robbery.

Burglary Charges in NJ

A misconception about burglary is that it is classified as theft or stealing as well.  In reality, this is not always the case.  A crime can be classified as a burglary when there is an unlawful entry into a structure such as a business, a residential home or a shed with the intent to commit a crime while inside.  Crimes of burglary often include theft, but burglary can also include vandalism, murder, arson or any other criminal act.  In addition, burglary does not have to include breaking and entering but also covers an unlawful entry such as trespassing.

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