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New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Laws


New Jersey recently implemented the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, which allows certain patients to smoke medical marijuana for their conditions. These changing regulations have many questioning if this will impact existing criminal offenses such as driving under the influence of marijuana, smoking marijuana in public and possession laws. It is crucial to note that existing marijuana laws will still be enforced for any citizen not in possession of an up-to-date and valid medical marijuana patient card, and this act is not decriminalizing the possession or use of marijuana for non-cardholders.

The state of New Jersey specifically notes that medical marijuana patients may not operate any vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Driving under the influence, even with a medical marijuana card, can still lead to a maximum penalty of thirty days in jail, a $400 fine and a driver’s license suspension for up to three months. In addition, marijuana smoke falls under the Smoke Free Air Act provisions. These rules prohibit individuals from smoking in any public form of transportation, in a private vehicle unless stopped and at any public park or school area. Cardholders are still subject to these laws. Possession laws will remain the same for non-cardholders. Cardholders obviously must transport their marijuana and are legally allowed to possess up to two ounces of medical marijuana in its original labeled packaging. You should never take your medical marijuana across state lines.

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