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New Jersey Tax Preparer Fraud Attorney

New Jersey Tax Preparer Fraud Attorney

Skilled and Knowledgeable Tax Preparer Fraud Defense Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ Defends Clients Accused of Tax Preparation Fraud in Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Throughout NJ

Need help with your taxes? Many people turn to professional tax preparers to help them with their taxes. This is especially the case when they are seeking tax refunds. Tax preparers use their skills to help ensure accuracy in tax returns. They apply their knowledge to help ensure that you get the refunds that are due to you. These professionals are often certified public accountants, lawyers, or other professionals. Many tax preparers are honest and will perform their duties as required. However, there are some that are unscrupulous in their actions. When you fall victim to such a tax preparer, it is important that you protect yourself from going down along with them. You’ll need the services of an experienced New Jersey Tax Preparer Fraud Attorney. 

The skilled and experienced team at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio has an in-depth understanding of federal and state tax laws. Our team consists of professionals with varied skills in tax law including a former federal prosecutor and a tax attorney. We have a track record of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. We will work to get the best outcome in your case too. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a New Jersey Tax Preparer Fraud Attorney from our law firm. 

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Is Your Tax Preparer a Fraud? 

Many tax preparers work with honesty and integrity. They will help you file accurate returns and get the refunds that are due to you. However, there are some that will take advantage of you and commit fraud. Here’s how to know your tax preparer may be a fraud. 

  • They claim that the IRS has endorsed them 

The IRS does not endorse tax preparers. It simply recognizes tax preparer credentials and allows professionals that have these credentials to represent clients. Some of these professionals include attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants (CPAs). Different states have different requirements for tax preparers. 

  • They don’t have a PTIN 

The IRS requires that all tax preparers have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). This number should be included in the tax return when it is submitted. If your tax preparer does not have this number or does not want to include it in the tax return, you should be wary. 

  • They don’t want to sign the tax return or include their names 

The IRS also requires that the tax return be signed by the person that prepared it. A fraudulent tax prepare will want to cover their tracks by not signing the tax return. If they do sign that tax return, they will sign it under a business name or may sign it as being self-prepared. 

  • They ask for a percentage of your refund as a payment 

Fraudulent tax preparers have been known to promise taxpayers that they can get larger refunds. Many taxpayers are therefore willing to pay them a percentage of the refund. Honest tax preparers charge based on the complexity of the return not on the amount that they can recover as a refund.


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Fraudulent tax preparers are often eventually swept up by the IRS. The biggest challenge that the IRS has when they do is determining whether the taxpayer colluded with the tax preparer. It’s important that you protect yourself and avoid getting caught in the net too. Contact the Law Offices of Michele Finizio to consult with an experienced and skilled New Jersey Tax Preparer Fraud Attorney. Our team will review your case and provide you with an effective strategy to resolve the issue. We will help you navigate the complexities of tax law and help your resolve any tax challenges you may be facing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Preparer Fraud in New Jersey

I am a victim of tax preparer fraud. Can I get a refund for what I lost?

It can be devastating to discover that your tax preparer who was supposed to be helping you was actually stealing from you. You may be wondering if the IRS will refund you for what is owed to you. This presents a challenge to the IRS as it is difficult to determine whether you colluded with the tax preparer to engage in tax fraud. The good news is that there are procedures and policies that were instituted to allow victims to receive refunds. However, this is only possible under certain conditions.

If you are a victim of tax preparer fraud you should contact the Law Offices of Michele Finizio. Attorney Finizio is an experienced and knowledgeable tax preparer fraud defense attorney NJ. Our team will review your case and help you determine the best strategy to recover the money that is rightly yours. We will work to show that you did not collude with the tax preparer and are actually the victim of their criminal acts. We will help recover what is rightly yours.

What is a ‘ghost’ tax preparer?

‘Ghost’ tax preparers function like ghost writers. They prepare tax returns on behalf of taxpayers or firms but do not sign the tax return. They also do not provide other information that could link them to the tax return. The law required tax preparers or anyone that assists in preparing state or federal tax returns for compensation to provide their information including a valid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). They are also required to sign the returns they prepare. If the returns are prepared electronically, the tax preparer must include their name as well as their PTIN.

If the information above is not included in the tax return, it will appear as though the tax return was prepared by the taxpayer. This benefits the tax preparer as they cannot be linked to the tax return. Many of these tax preparers promise taxpayers a larger return. Their fees are a percentage of the refund. This is strictly prohibited by the law.

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