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19-Year-Old Charged in DWI Death by Auto for Allegedly Fleeing I-95 Crash That Killed Three

March 17, 2015

19-Year-Old Charged with DWI and Death by Auto After Allegedly Fleeing I-95 Crash That Killed Three

A very unfortunate accident occurred on New Jersey’s I-95 southbound near Lawrence Township, NJ when Luis Delcid-Cardona, age 19, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the back end of a parked tractor-trailer. Delcid-Cardona and three passengers traveled over the median of I-95 and crossed the acceleration lanes of Route 1 before hitting the parked truck. After the crash, Cardona fled the area while two female passengers, Nicole Rodriguez and Samantha Belliveau, died at the scene and male passenger, Jonathon Rivas, later passed away in a Trenton hospital. Police are charging Delcid-Cardona with drunk driving and multiple counts of death by auto.

Delcid-Cardona’s BAC was not released by the authorities, but the fact that Delcid-Cardona was underage and had any amount of alcohol in his system allows police to charge him with a DWI. The charges of death by auto carry a maximum of 10 years in prison for each count. The exact reason for the crash remains unclear since multiple factors like speed, icy conditions, and intoxication could have played a role. Delcid-Cardona’s bail for DWI and death by auto was set at $1 million.

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