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Camden Criminal Lawyer Discusses New Jersey Plans to Regulate Hoverboards

Camden Criminal Lawyer Discusses New Jersey Plans to Regulate Hoverboards

Westampton Township police in New Jersey have addressed issues surrounding the increased use of hoverboards, primarily by middle school aged children in the area. Police report that there are already laws in place in the state that regulate the use of such devices and they intend to enforce those laws on the motorized self-balancing boards.

Despite its name, hoverboards do not actually hover. They are essentially motorized scooters that balance on their own. Motorized scooters already have regulations set in place by New Jersey traffic laws, including prohibition of use on public roadways.

However, the laws are somewhat lacking for the new technology. As it stands, there are no laws that require those using hoverboards or other motorized scooters to wear helmets or other safety gear. The devices are also unable to handle terrain other than even, flat surfaces.

The Westampton Township police department is currently working with local schools to try to develop some sort of procedure to keep the primary users, middle and high school students, safe both on and off their school’s grounds.

Camden Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Helps Those Charged with NJ Traffic Law Violations due to Hoverboard Use

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