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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Digital Computer Evidence

December 22, 2015

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Digital and Computer Evidence

FBI agents and Indiana State Police recently raided the home of former Subway restaurant spokesperson Jared Fogle, removing electronics from the property and searching the house with a police dog. Fifteen years ago, Fogle became the spokesperson for Subway after shedding 245 pounds eating at the restaurant chain.  He created the Jared Foundation to raise awareness of childhood obesity.  Fogle’s former business partner, Russell Taylor, is being investigated for charges of production and possession of child pornography.  Fogle cut ties with Taylor upon learning of the allegations.  Now Fogle and Subway have mutually chosen to suspend their relationship in light of the current federal investigation.

What might be on the electronic equipment of Taylor or Fogle is not known to the public.  What is known is that digital evidence is currently gaining strength as being admissible in court, dependent on:

  • the quality of the evidence,
  • the qualifications and competence of the expert,
  • the skill of the prosecutor in bringing forth the evidence.

Digital evidence is presented to the courts in various formats such as audio and photographic enhancement, digital enhancement of latent fingerprints and forensic video analysis.  Digital evidence in all forms has gained attention in both the United States and Canada in the last decade.  In the United States, the Frye standard originated from the 1923 case involving the admissibility of a polygraph test as evidence.  It states that the admissibility must be based on scientific methods that are well-established and accepted, not experimental theory.  A later case created the Daubert standard, which in many states supersedes Frye, but not in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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