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New Jersey Criminal Lawyers Discuss NJ DUI Laws

May 05, 2015

NJ Criminal Lawyers Discuss New Jersey’s DUI Laws

In New Jersey, laws to address the serious issue of drunk driving are stringent.  In fact, DUI laws in the Garden State may be stricter than in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania.  Violators who drive drunk in New Jersey face serious consequences.  Some of these include:

  • In New Jersey, a drunk driver will not be able to present themselves as a multiple first-time offender for numerous drunk driving offenses.  Repeat DUI offenses will result in more severe punishment.
  • An individual who is caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher can be punished with prison time, even though a BAC of .08 is the minimum level required to be classified as impaired.
  • A judge may require the use of an interlock device on the violator’s vehicle regardless if the individual is facing their first offense of a DUI charge.  Typically, a judge will compel the use of this device in cases involving a (BAC) significantly over the legal limit.  Interlock devices are designed to prevent a driver from starting their vehicle if the individual presents with an elevated BAC over the legally allowable limit.
  • If a drunk driving violator has a third DUI conviction in New Jersey, they will lose their driver’s license for ten years.

Some of the differences in Pennsylvania’s DUI laws include:

  • In Pennsylvania, a repeat offender can often present multiple offenses as first-time violations due to a loophole in the state’s DUI laws.  This allows a drunk driver to allude the more stringent penalties that accompany repeat offenses.
  • A drunk driver must be established as excessively intoxicated, with a BAC much higher than the minimum threshold of .08, in order to face jail time.
  • PA judges do not have discretion to install an interlock device in the vehicle of a first-time DUI offender.
  • A repeat drunk driver with three convictions will have their license revoked for 18 months.  This is only 15% of the penalty a third-time offender would face for drunk driving charges in New Jersey.

No matter what the differences from state to state, a drunk driving charge in any state is a serious matter.  If you are arrested and face charges of DUI or DWI, contact a qualified New Jersey traffic lawyer to represent you.

New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Michele Finizio Defends NJ Drivers Facing DUI Charges

If you find yourself facing drunk driving charges in New Jersey, call New Jersey traffic & municipal lawyer, Michele Finizio, Esq. She has extensive experience successfully defending DUI and DWI convictions.  Ms. Finizio can answer your questions and provide an aggressive defense to any traffic violations you may be facing.   Call our Moorestown criminal lawyer today at 856-888-9059 or contact her online.

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