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New Jersey DUI Lawyer: Second DUI Penalties

July 17, 2017

New Jersey DUI Lawyer: Second DUI Penalties

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Driving under the influence is no joke. It endangers everyone on the road, from the driver to nearby pedestrians, and there are serious repercussions to face. A DUI charge on your record is not something that goes away easily, so two charges in this will bound to have a serious effect.

Consequences for a Second DUI in Cherry Hill Are Severe

If you are facing a second DUI charge in Cherry Hill, the consequences can be particularly heavy. Two-time offenders could have their licenses suspended for up to two years. Granted you have been charged outside your home state, the crime could relay back to your region of residence, where you could face further penalties or fees. Suspended drivers also caught operating vehicles during their suspensions might be arrested on sight, and likely face fourth degree charges and higher sentences. Once a suspension is over, a driver may have to pay $200 in restoration fees to obtain their license and driving privileges back.

Second-time offenders may also face mandatory jail time, usually between two and 90 days. Thirty days of community service could also be tacked onto the sentence. American courts usually consider six hours the equivalent of a full day of work, so a total of 180 hours may be needed to complete a DUI sentence. You might also have to pay penalty fees, and undergo several weeks of classes and counseling sessions at a resource center. Offenders could also be required to pay to have ignition interlocking devices built into their vehicles after their driving privileges have been reinstated. Drivers would be required to blow into breathalyzers that quickly shut down their cars granted high levels of alcohol are detected in their systems. These devices are typically required for about one to three years following the restoration of driving privileges.

New Jersey DUI Lawyer at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio Will Defend Your Rights

If you are facing a DUI charge in South Jersey, legal representation is crucial. At the Law Offices of Michele Finizio, our New Jersey DUI lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight your DUI in Cherry Hill. Call us today at 609- 230-0374, or contact us online to speak with our representatives. We are located in Moorestown, New Jersey, where we serve clients throughout South Jersey including Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, and Salem County.

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