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The Dangers of Your Teen Drinking on Halloween Night

October 11, 2021

As your child gets tired of dressing up and going trick or treating, their celebrations of Halloween as a teen may look a little different. Celebrating Halloween as a teen may involve house parties and in some cases, drinking alcohol. Drinking as a teen can lead to many consequences, including:

Drinking and Driving

Teens are still learning to drive and adding alcohol into the mix can only make things more dangerous. Not only are teens at risk of harming themselves or other drivers on the road, but they’re also at risk of a DUI or DWI charge. Teens who are convicted of a DUI may receive underage drinking charges, as well as the typical consequences of a DUI. This may include fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Pedestrian Injuries

Your teen doesn’t have to be driving to experience any potential injuries from drinking alcohol on Halloween. Teens who have been drinking are less likely to notice vehicles on the road. They’re also less likely to make smart decisions, such as crossing at crosswalks or looking both ways before crossing the street. A police officer may also still charge a teen who has been drinking, even if they’re not driving. They may be charged with underage drinking or public intoxication.

Binge Drinking

Teens are also less experienced drinkers, which means they may not know their limits. Teen parties also often include drinking games, which can lead to binge drinking. This can lead to your child injuring themselves or even being hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning.

Criminal Activity

Teens who have been drinking alcohol may be more likely to participate in other criminal activities. Other common crimes that occur around, and on, Halloween include theft and vandalism. Fights among friends can also be more common when alcohol is involved. Teens may also experiment with drug use, which can also lead to drug charges.

How to Keep Your Teen Safe This Halloween

Letting your child attend a party this Halloween can be overwhelming as a parent, especially if you don’t know where they’re going. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your teen safe:

  • Know their location, including phone number and address of the party
  • Discuss the consequences of teen drinking
  • Follow your traditional curfew
  • Create a no-questions-asked pick-up policy and be available

Teens don’t always know the consequences that come with drinking. In addition to the legal troubles they may experience, they may also harm themselves or others. Additionally, criminal charges can follow them throughout life. Criminal charges may affect their college or career choices with a permanent record.

Teen Charged on Halloween?

If your child is charged this Halloween with a DUI or public intoxication, it’s important that you reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible to consider your defense options. Don’t let a minor mistake ruin your teen’s future. If your child has prior offenses, it may be even more important to consider your options soon, as judges tend to be stricter with teens who have a criminal record.

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