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New Jersey Frivolous Tax Claim Attorney

New Jersey Frivolous Tax Claim Attorney

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When a taxpayer files their tax returns, they are given the opportunity to make tax claims. These claims can help taxpayers receive certain privileges such as tax breaks. Some people try to take advantage of this by making frivolous claims in order to avoid paying taxes. The IRS receives many claims every year. While some are approved, there are some that are flagged as frivolous. If you are a New Jersey resident and this happens, you will need the support and guidance of an experienced New Jersey frivolous tax claim attorney to defend your rights. 

Many people make errors on their tax returns and many others are convinced that they can make certain claims to avoid paying their taxes. At the Law Offices of Michele Finizio, we have extensive experience in helping taxpayers identify and resolve tax issues. We’ll review your case and determine the best strategy to resolve your matter. We will negotiate on your behalf for the best outcome. 

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Is Filing a Frivolous Tax Claim Fraud? 

Paying your taxes is your obligation as a taxpayer. However, it is also your right to contest your tax liabilities. Some people take advantage of this right by filing frivolous tax claims. The IRS denies these claims and could even take it a step further by charging you with tax fraud. There are many who disagree with tax laws and attempt to disregard their responsibility to pay by convincing tax filers that they really don’t owe any income tax at all. The IRS calls these “frivolous tax arguments” and many of these people end up facing penalties for inaccuracy, civil fraud, and erroneous refund claims -among others- for making frivolous tax claims according to the IRS.

Some common arguments people use to avoid paying tax include: 

  • Filing tax returns is voluntary and should therefore not be imposed on everybody 
  • The IRS ought to prepare tax returns on behalf of those that fail to file their returns 
  • Only government employees ought to pay federal income tax 
  • I am a citizen of the state and not the United States. I should only pay to the state. 
  • Paying tax to the government is against my religious beliefs and my rights under the First Amendment. 
  • I plead the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination 

These are just a few of the most common arguments people use to avoid paying taxes. All the arguments presented above are considered frivolous tax claims. If you use any of the above or similar arguments, you will most likely be flagged for making frivolous tax claims. 

You have the right to contest your tax liabilities. However, you do not have the right to disobey the law. You cannot, therefore, disregard your obligation to pay your taxes. Attorney Michele Finizio has experience working with clients that have been flagged for making frivolous tax claims. Our team will work to determine the best strategy to approach your case and work for the best outcome. 

If you have been contacted by the IRS in connection to a frivolous tax claim, you should: 

  • Contact an experienced New Jersey frivolous tax claim attorney to learn about your rights and options. 
  • Submit all documents to your attorney to enable them to develop a strategy to approach your case. 
  • Cooperate with your attorney. Avoid acting on your own as your actions may jeopardize your case. 

A frivolous tax claim may not seem serious but it can have serious consequences that can affect you in the long term. It is therefore important to have the best possible defense. We at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio are committed to providing clients with the best legal representation. 


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Have the IRS contacted you about frivolous tax claims? You could be facing hefty penalties for filing a frivolous tax claim. Take the first step to protecting your rights by contacting the Law Offices of Michele Finizio and scheduling a free consultation with an experienced and skilled New Jersey frivolous tax claim attorney. Our law firm has a successful track record of defending taxpayers charged with tax crimes. We will work with you to identify any errors and negotiate for the best outcome with the IRS. You can rely on us to fight on your behalf and help you successfully navigate the complexities of the law. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Frivolous Tax Claims in New Jersey

What is a frivolous tax claim?

A frivolous tax claim is one that does not have value or purpose. It is a claim that has no backing from the law or cannot be justified. For example, if a taxpayer does not want to pay taxes and claims that paying taxes is against their belief; this would be considered a frivolous claim. This is because paying taxes is an obligation for every taxpayer that is earning an income. A taxpayer that makes a frivolous tax claim in order to avoid paying taxes will be subject to strict penalties.

If you have been contacted by the IRS about the possibility of being charged with fraud because of a frivolous claim, contact the Law Offices of Michele Finizio. We will review your case and work to help you resolve the issue without criminal charges. We will fight to get you the best possible result.

What are the penalties for frivolous tax claims?

It is your right as a taxpayer to contest your tax liabilities. However, you must be able to justify your claims. It is otherwise your responsibility to pay your tax in full. If you are found to have submitted frivolous claims in order to avoid paying your taxes, you could be subject to a $5000 fine for filing frivolous returns. You may also be charged various other penalties including:

– Failure to file taxes 
– Failure to pay taxes 
– For inaccuracies 
– Civil fraud 
– Erroneous claims for refunds 

At the Law Offices of Michele Finizio, you will have the benefit of an experienced and skilled team fighting on your behalf. We will negotiate on your behalf for the best outcome. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

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