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New Jersey IRS Criminal Investigation Attorney

New Jersey IRS Criminal Investigation Attorney

IRS Investigation Defense Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ Defends Clients’ Rights in Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Throughout NJ

Have you been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in connection with a tax crime? Do you suspect that you’re under criminal investigation by the IRS? The IRS cannot bring charges against you until they have enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Many taxpayers that face charges for tax crimes do so as a result of errors they made on their returns. The IRS therefore must prove that the taxpayer’s actions were intentional. The burden of proof, therefore, lies with the IRS. However, if they are able to prove that your actions were intentional, you could be charged with committing fraud. This could result in hefty penalties which may include time in prison and fines. It is therefore important to seek the assistance of an experienced New Jersey IRS criminal investigation attorney right from the start. 

The IRS can be ruthless in its pursuit of taxpayers that they believe have profited by failing to give the government the money they are obligated to. Therefore if you are implicated in a tax crime, you will need the best defense possible to protect your freedom. The team at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio is committed to fighting on behalf of those accused of tax crimes. We have successfully represented clients accused of a wide variety of tax crimes. We work to get the best possible outcome for every client in every case. You can rely on experience and varied skills to help protect your freedom and rights. 

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Types of Evidence the IRS Can Use to Bring Criminal Charges for Tax Crimes 

Filing taxes can be complex. Tax codes are complex and tax laws are constantly changing. Many people make mistakes on their tax returns every year. Not every case is considered tax fraud or evasion. Charges for tax fraud and other tax crimes are therefore dependent on the taxpayer’s intent. The IRS has the burden of proving that the taxpayer’s actions were not an error but in fact, carried out with the intent of defrauding the government and gaining from the funds obtained. 

The IRS carries out criminal investigations in order to gather evidence to prove the taxpayer’s intent in relation to criminal charges. Some of the most common types of evidence presented by the IRS in order to charge a taxpayer with a crime include: 

  • Failure to report income

Business owners and individuals may fail to report income in order to avoid paying taxes on it. Failure to report income may include paying cash for a deal in order to avoid the paper trail. However, some people may make an error and fail to report income. 

  • Hiding assets or failing to declare assets 
  • Using funds from your business for personal expenses – some people do this in order to avoid paying taxes on their income
  • Claiming tax deductions that are unwarranted 
  • Identity theft e.g. using false identification information such as false social security numbers 
  • Making false statements in order to be exempted from paying tax 
  • Failing to provide financial documents to support your actions 
  • Falsifying financial documents to support your tax returns 

The team at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio will fight to protect your rights and freedom. We will work to get the best outcome in your case no matter what the charges you are facing. 


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Having a tax specialist in your corner during an IRS criminal investigation is very valuable no matter what the outcome of the investigation is. The team at the Law Offices of Michele Finizio is experienced and skilled in tax law. We understand the playing field inside and out. We know how to respond to an audit or investigation. We know how the IRS works. 

Contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced and skilled New Jersey IRS criminal investigation attorney. Our team will review your case and develop an effective strategy for how to approach your case. You can rely on our experience and skills to achieve the best outcome on your behalf. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about IRS Criminal Investigations in New Jersey

I was visited by special agents in connection to an IRS criminal investigation. What should I do?

If you have been visited by special agents, you should be careful about anything you say or do thereafter. Everything you say to these agents can be used against you in court. This is especially if the special agent has given you the Miranda warning. You should instead get their business cards and tell them that you would like to speak with your attorney before speaking with them.

It is important to consult with an experienced IRS criminal investigation defense attorney NJ prior to speaking with special agents. Even if you are a witness to a tax crime, you should take the steps necessary to protect yourself from liability. Never consent to an interview or answer questions without first consulting an attorney.

I think my tax preparer is under investigation. What should I do?

If you suspect that your tax preparer is under investigation it is best to cut off your contact with them as soon as possible. IRS criminal investigations will often include everyone that the tax preparer has worked with or is in contact with. You may also be put under the microscope by the IRS on suspicion of colluding with the tax preparer.

If you suspect your tax preparer is under investigation by the IRS, consult with an experienced IRS criminal investigation defense attorney NJ. Contact the Law Offices of Michele Finizio for a free consultation. We will review your case and help you determine if there is anything you ought to worry about. We will begin preparing a defense on your behalf right away and work to protect your freedom should the IRS choose to come after you too.

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