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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Automated Enforcement of Traffic Laws

March 07, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Automated Enforcement of Traffic Laws

Today, technology plays a larger role in our lives than ever before. In some cases, technology is being used as a tool by local governments and states to catch people in the act of committing traffic violations. Most people understand that under certain circumstances, their activities on the Internet may be monitored, their telephone conversations recorded and even some of their private moments captured on tape. Now, as police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are realizing that they have neither the time nor the resources to enforce all traffic violations, technology is being used to catch more and more people in the act of breaking traffic safety laws.

For many years, law enforcement departments have posted signs on roads alerting drivers that they should buckle up, slow down and make complete stops at both red lights and stop signs. Many communities also equip their streets with a device that shows drivers how fast they are going in an attempt to reduce their speed. As technology has advanced, so too has the government’s ability to catch drivers in the act of committing a traffic violation. In particularly dangerous parts of some cities, the police have put overhead cameras at intersections to deter people from committing crimes and to record those who do. However, such cameras are not generally used to record traffic violations.

As of April of 2006, the majority of states in the country have laws that address the automated enforcement of traffic safety laws via red light cameras and speed cameras. Red light cameras are the most common use of automated enforcement by law enforcement agencies. These cameras are placed at traffic signals and generally take a picture of a person’s license plate and sometimes their face after they have gone through a red light. Depending on the state, either the owner or the driver of the vehicle will be held liable for the violation and any penalty associated with it. Most states will fine the person who is liable at least $100 and a minimum of one point on their license.

While there are 438 communities in the United States with red light cameras, there are only 139 with speeding cameras. These cameras are similar to red light cameras and are becoming more popular. Governments are continually advancing technology so that they can catch more people committing traffic violations resulting in higher numbers of citations and tickets.

Camden Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Defends Individuals Accused of Traffic Violations in New Jersey

If you or someone you know has been a victim of unfair or overzealous police tactics relating to automated enforcement, contact the Law Offices of Michele Finizio right now to discuss the details of your case with a seasoned Camden traffic violations lawyer. We understand the tactics and advancements in technology that police departments use. More importantly, we understand the laws in the state of New Jersey in regards to automated enforcement of traffic laws.

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