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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Brain Studies Defense

June 12, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Brain Studies as Defense

Legal insanity is hard enough to prove in court, but neurological issues may become easier to use as evidence due to a recent study. The study explored using brain scans and neurobiological science during criminal cases. A group of criminal defense attorneys spearheaded the effort in order to expand on the resources available for more effective evidence to present before a jury or judge.

The study focused on how persuasive such evidence could be by studying judicial opinions between 2005 and 2012. During the study, both state and federal opinions on neurobiological evidence were weighed. One of the authors concluded, based on the 70,000 opinions garnered during research, that the use of neurobiological evidence may still be low, but it is rising in criminal cases. Courts only referenced neurobiological evidence 1,585 times, totaling at just over two percent of the time. However, during that period, the use of such evidence increased 2.5 times.

Despite this new research, it is still difficult to properly gauge how effective such evidence would be in a court proceeding. Appellate Courts overturned only 20-30% of convictions based on a criminal attorney’s failure to use neurobiological evidence. Additionally, during the pre-trial phase in an attempt to argue that their client lacked legal capacity, one in ten cases utilized such evidence. The study seemed to mostly show that the success of this type of evidence is highly dependent upon what it is used for, which type of case it is, and how substantial the evidence appears. For instance, it is more likely a person will receive a retrial as opposed to being found not guilty as a result of the evidence. The study shows that proper care and realistic expectation can lead to a successful use of neurobiological evidence in court.

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