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Camden Criminal Lawyer: Year in Crime in New Jersey

May 15, 2017

Camden Criminal Lawyer: A Year in Crime in New Jersey

Despite its large population, New Jersey has a fairly low rate of violent crime when compared to other states. However, this does not mean New Jersey is a crime-free zone. In New Jersey, a crime occurs approximately every three minutes. These crimes range from minor offenses, like shoplifting and traffic violations, to serious crimes like murder and robbery. Every state has unique crime facts and statistics and New Jersey is no exception. A recent piece published on highlighted key findings from a study of crime in New Jersey in 2014 from the New Jersey State Police’s Uniform Crime Report. Below are a few highlights from the report.

In 2014, Crime Rates Continued to Fall in New Jersey

This has been the trend for the past decade. Overall, the state’s crime rate decreased by eight percent from 2013 to 2014. The only exception to the trend of falling crime rates was the rise in reported sex crimes, which authorities attributed to more victims opting to report their experiences, rather than more sex crimes occurring.

On Average, One Person Was Murdered Each Day in New Jersey

In addition to one murder each day, there were 29 robberies, 31 aggravated assaults, 87 burglaries, 306 larcenies, 32 vehicle thefts, three rapes, and two acts of arson reported each day. Most of these acts of arson were attributed to children aged 13 or 14.

Three Hundred Million Dollars Worth of Property Was Stolen in 2014

Theft comes in many forms, like shoplifting, robbery, and fraud. In 2014, theft victims lost a total of $300 million worth of property in New Jersey. The average amount of money stolen during bank robberies was $4,195.

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