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Camden Traffic Lawyers: Traffic Violations Result in Higher Car Insurance

April 18, 2017

Camden Traffic Lawyers: Traffic Violations Result in Higher Car Insurance

Receiving a traffic ticket for even the most minor driving violation can result in financial problems in addition to monetary fines.  As a result of a traffic violation, an insured driver is at an increased risk for incurring a rate increase from their auto insurance company.  This is because automotive insurance carriers use the data from traffic violations as a predictive indicator that the motorist is at an increased likelihood of being involved in an auto accident in the future.

Camden traffic lawyer, Michele Finizio, reviewed a report from in order to provide drivers in the South Jersey area with valuable information that can have a long-term effect on their car insurance rates.  Following is a list of some common traffic violations motorists are charged with and the corresponding auto insurance premium increases:

  • A motorist whom drives impaired or whom has been charged with a DUI, can expect a 93% increase in their car insurance.
  • A traffic ticket for reckless driving will result in an 82% increase in a driver’s auto insurance premium.
  • Minor speeding violations, even as little as 5 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, can result in a 21% upsurge.
  • Failure to abide by traffic rules including not signaling or yielding for a pedestrian will cause a driver to an average of 19% additional for car insurance.
  • Driving without a seat belt is not only against the law, but will also cost drivers five percent more for their auto insurance.

Drivers should take heed of this information as they take to the roadways.  Insurance increases can last for three years until the associated points are expunged from the violator’s driver’s license.  In some instances a driver can attend a traffic safety course to reduce the points for the traffic violation and as a result, have a positive effect on their car insurance rate renewal premiums.  Of course, having the experience of a qualified traffic lawyer in court in the event you have committed a traffic violation is always the best defense.    

Camden Traffic Lawyer Defends Those Charged with Traffic Violations in New Jersey

Camden Hill traffic lawyer, Michele Finizio, Esq., keeps current with information that affect New Jersey drivers.  Ms. Finizio can answer your questions and provide an aggressive defense to any traffic violations you may be facing.   Contact defense lawyer Michele Finizio at her Moorestown, South Jersey law offices today at 856-888-9059 or contact her online.

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